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The Courage of Conviction

My very first post. This really shouldn’t bear repeating. Unfortunately, because of my participation with the Tea Party movement, it does.

How hard is it to stand up for what you truly believe? And why is it that when you do that, you’re automatically written off?

Spent the entire weekend (and the better part of this week) showing my support for the current mission of our troops overseas. And yeah, for the most part, I was the only one of “us” taking that side. The rest of “us” spent most of their time looking at me like I was crazy; like what I thought put me so at odds with the rest of “them.”

In the midst of that, the whole “Jena 6” thing went down. Guess it was my “civic duty” to wear black on Thursday while people were off in LA protesting. Of course, I didn’t-my decision-and was written off even more.

Could’ve sworn freedom of speech was one of those things I defended while in uniform, but since it apparently wasn’t, I’ll say this:

I’m not going to agree with 90% of what the world thinks I should, just by virtue of being black. I really don’t care what’s thought/said about me because of that; my thoughts are mine alone. That’s the disclaimer. The flipside is, don’t think that if you come up to me acting a fool-wanting to yell and scream at me cause you’re insecure with yourself-that I’m not going to go there with you. Cause I will, and the results won’t be pretty. I’m generally a calm guy, but (in the words of Mr. Jackson), “what I stand for and what I will stand are two different things.” Don’t come at me questioning who I am just because my thoughts come down on the wrong side of yours…cause at the end of the day, they won’t find your body.

So that’s my warning. If that’s cool with you, then feel free whatever else I happen to put up here. And if it’s not….hell, that’s YOUR problem, not mine.

UPDATE: If all you’ve got to do is call me names because you don’t have anything of value to add to a conversation, do me a really big favor: keep your ignorance to yourself. My disagreement with you doesn’t make me a “coon,” “nigga,” or anything else…it makes me American. Don’t think that  just because we may not see eye to eye on something, that gives you the right to drag me down to your level. You can enjoy life there, if you so desire…I choose to move forward.




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September 21, 2007 at 7:23 pm

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