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The Dillard Doctrine

(This probably should’ve been the first post….LOL. This is the inspiration for the title of my blog, with updates to some of the principles based on my experiences since I originally wrote it over the summer.)

Back last year around this time, and earlier this year, I wrote two pieces in my (yahoo) blog called “I’ve Learned” and “I Believe.” Because I’m too lazy to write two more pieces (besides, how do you do a sequel in a blog?), I’ve combined my mid-year thoughts into one entry. Hence, the Dillard Doctrine…lessons and thoughts that have been crafted by my life over the last few months.

(DISCLAIMER: The opening sentence of this piece is similar to that of the Baptist Church Covenant. I feel it’s an appropriate opening. )

Having been lead, as I believe, to look to certain experiences and situations that I’ve faced to define (or defend, or explain) the time of person that I am, I’ve come up with the following:

1. I am not boxed in by a label; I am not just a “black man,” “minority,” “statistic” or any other moniker that is assigned to me. Nor will I let myself be treated as such.

2. While I am proud of the heritage of my ancestors, I am equally dismayed by the occasional stupidity of my peers, and I will not participate in or condone it.

3. I will be more receptive to others when making decisions that affect me, as long as they’re receptive to the fact that those decisions are mine alone.

4. I will not constrain myself to the failures of others; their limitations and shortcomings do not have to be mine.

5. I will speak my mind on any subject that I feel like, and I will not apologize for my expression.

6. I will not trash my friends in the court of public opinion, even if they have done something to deserve it.

7. When I fall, I will pick myself up and keep moving forward.

8. I may not agree with the actions of a friend, but I will do my best to aid them on the road that they’ve chosen, and I will not wish ill on them because of their decisions.

9. I will not allow ANYONE to attack-through any means-me or things that I hold as important. Making no distinction between those who harbor thoughts of ill will and those who actively communicate them, I will relentlessly prosecute my enemies to their destruction.

10. Lastly, I will always look forward, preparing to fight the next war instead of the previous one.




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October 11, 2007 at 12:34 pm

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  1. Interesting revisions…you know I’m very perceptive *wink*


    October 11, 2007 at 12:56 pm

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