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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

(CNN’s picture, but that’s me in the background. Link to the story is here.)

The President today asked for another $46B for the war in Iraq.

Now, before you go jumping up and down about how we’re not winning the war, look at these statements (from the Wall Street Journal):

“Almost exactly 13 months ago, the top Marine intelligence officer in Iraq wrote that the grim situation in Anbar province would continue to deteriorate unless an additional division was sent in, along with substantial economic aid. Today, Marine leaders are musing openly about clearing out of Anbar, not because it is a lost cause, but because we have defeated al Qaeda there.”


“Throughout the area, Sunni sheikhs have joined the Marines to drive out al Qaeda, and this template has spread to Diyala Province, and even to many neighborhoods in Baghdad itself, where Shiites are fighting their erstwhile heroes in the Mahdi Army.”

Maybe I’m mistaken, but these are signs of progress. Signs that we’re winning.

So you’re next argument is probably, “Why are we spending this money when there’s children who need health care?”

Well, look at this (from the White House’s “Five Key Myths About President Bush’s Support for SCHIP Reauthorization”):

MYTH #2: Cost is the only reason for President Bush’s veto threat.
FACT: There are numerous problems with Congress’s SCHIP bill. In addition to raising spending by $35 to $50 billion, the legislation:
1. Turns a program meant to help poor children into one that covers children in some households with incomes of up to $83,000 a year.
2. Would move millions of American children who now have private health insurance into government-run health care.
3. Is an incremental step toward the Democrats’ goal of a government-run health care system.
4. Raises taxes on working Americans.
5. Relies on a budget gimmick that drops SCHIP funding by almost 80 percent in year six, masking future deficits and ultimately resulting in a choice between higher taxes or forcing millions of children to lose health insurance.
6. Creates new funding schemes inviting states to overspend their budgets and shift health care costs to the Federal government by using SCHIP funding to offset state Medicaid spending.
7. Provides incentives to states to relax protections against enrolling ineligible individuals, including illegal immigrants.

So, while this latest supplemental bill gets held up-and troops overseas continue to die-ask yourself this: which is more important; getting our troops the equipment they need, or toying with their lives for pure political gain?




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October 22, 2007 at 8:34 pm

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