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We’re Awake; Are You?

Battle for black voters
Michelle Obama says they will ‘wake up and get it’
November 13, 2007

WASHINGTON — With polls showing African Americans yet to give overwhelming support to White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), his wife, Michelle, said “black America will wake up and get it” in an interview with MSNBC.
In an interview clip running on Monday, Michelle Obama invoked the name of civil rights leaders Rosa Parks and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. when talking about African-American turnout, a crucial voting bloc if Obama is to win.
Michelle Obama said there was a “natural fear of possibility” and that there were times in her life when she was put down or told she’s “not ready.” There is “always that doubt in the minds of people of color,” she said. She said the African-American community has to shake off “that fear.”
“That’s what we want to show our community,” Michelle Obama said. “. . . We can do this too.”

So, as I could’ve guessed….it’s become my “duty” as an African American to vote for Barack Obama.

Sorry….but I thought one of the many rights that-since she brought them up-Dr. King and Rosa Parks-fought to get was the right to vote for whoever I choose?

And what, exactly, is it that I’m supposed to “wake up and get?” That if I don’t vote for Obama, all of a sudden, I’m either “not black” or “not black enough?” Cause if that’s the case, I’d much rather stay sleeping.

Unlike those who share Mrs. Obama’s view of African Americans, I-in Bone Crusher’s words-ain’t neva scared. I’ve never once thought that I couldn’t do something or be what I wanted to “just because” I’m black. There’s no fear here. If I set a goal or decide I want to do something, that’s all that needs to be said. Or, as the first principle of the Dillard Doctrine states, I’m not confined to the “black” box.

If we as African Americans really want to show that we can do anything that anyone else can do-and maybe do it better-we should just shut the hell up and do it. Let the actions speak for themselves.

I have an inside joke that I’m going to run for office (yes, you heard it here first!) in the future, and that my campaign slogan will be “Acknowledge the Possibility.” Maybe that’s what Mrs. Obama needs to do…acknowledge the possibility that African Americans can do/be whatever we want-without having to play another version of the race card. Or the possibility that a majority of us just may not want to vote for her husband. Maybe we just don’t like him.

Sorry, Michelle…black America’s awake, we’re not afraid, and we don’t have to follow another black man blindly. We judge people by the content of their character. Maybe you’d like to tell Dr. King to keep dreaming?

Hopefully, one day, you’ll wake up and get it.




Written by Coby Dillard

November 14, 2007 at 12:49 pm

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  1. This is Alisa (
    and as usual, u have it all wrong.

    According to the article you posted, all the woman is saying is that in order for her husband to win, the black community has to vote and earlier polls have shown that we really don’t get out in large numbers bc we don’t feel we can make a difference or that it will do any good. All the woman is doing is encouraging those who don’t vote for those reasons, or any others, to get out and vote and make a difference.

    I’m not saying, nor is she saying , to vote for him bc he is black. I believe his record speaks for itself. A lot of blacks are voting for Hillary. I’m not. I happen to agree with what he stands for.

    By the way, has any white person ever said anything you disagree with? Do you ever write about that?

    Is there any reason why you are so anti-black?
    Do u feel u were born in the wrong body or somn?
    Where u reared by whites and therefore have no connection to your heritage?

    I would really like to know why u have NO compassion for your own race.


    November 14, 2007 at 3:18 pm

  2. I’m going to take this in the order that’s easier for me to deal with:

    1. Far as white people agreeing/disagreeing, don’t know. I can’t say for certain that any non-African Americans are reading it. Really don’t know…but if they did disagree, I would hope they’d say so.

    2. I’m not anti-black. What I have a problem with is inherent stupidity. One of the things I have as a mantra is that all people are, by nature, stupid. What I’m against (or have a problem with) is following along (or the expectation of following along) just because I’m black. No, I don’t always agree with the African American majority…but on the times that I do, I’ll say so.

    3. Then why not say “America will wake up and get it?” Why limit your comments to a specific sector of the population? You talk about me being “anti-black;” how much more divisive can you get than by saying that because I or someone chooses to vote for something/one else, we’re not “awake?”

    Did I get everything?


    November 14, 2007 at 3:40 pm

  3. Alisa again…and gm to u (again..

    I do agree with you on not going along with the norm bc it’s ablack thang or whatever…
    What u may not know about me is that I grew up in a predominately white neighbordhood, went to an all girl, private, catholic, predominately white high school (only 3 blacks in my graduating class) and I am often told i talk or act white…

    Now, with that being said, I am not one of those sir=sters who are down with the cause…I am mot all pre-black or whatever…I never even experienced racism 9that i knew of) until I was fully grown and was turn down for an apartment after the landlord saw i was black but had thought i was white when speaking to me on the phone.

    So, no, I don’t have a lot of those issues to deal with but…
    I do have sympathy for those who do…
    I cannot close my eyes and act like it doesnt exist just bc it doesnt happen to me.
    That’s why I am so passionate aboutthe situation in Jena bc I have 2 sons and it could have easily been them.

    Nowm back to Michelle, I still think you are missing her point. Obama has white followers..she is speaking to those blacks who may not be voting…
    We both know as a rule, that it’s “us” who don’t vote,…not them…so maybe that’s why she single “us” out…but again…this is really a moot point…there are so many other issues you need to be talking about…

    Did u do a blog on Dog the Bounty Hunter when he made those racists comments about his son’s girlfriend?

    Of course not…cause he’s white!
    Had he been black and said somn anti-white, u would have been all over him!!!!


    November 14, 2007 at 4:07 pm

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