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Divided We Stand

One Race, Divisible
Washington Post
By Juan Williams

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Conventional wisdom about black America is being turned on its head. Nearly two out of five black people (37 percent) surveyed in a
new Pew poll, done in association with NPR, said that blacks “can no longer be thought of as a single race.” Only half of all black people in the country (53 percent) say it is possible to think of blacks as one race. And young black Americans — ages 18 to 29 — are more likely than older blacks to say that blacks are no longer a single race.
Over half of all Americans — people of all colors — believe that the values of poor and middle-class blacks are becoming more different. When the question is limited to black people, the answer is even more definitive: 61 percent say values are now more different between middle-class and poor blacks. The perception of a class divide in black America has increased nearly 20 points since a similar question was asked of black people in 1986.

So now the poor and the middle class constitute two “separate” races within the black collective?

Well, if that’s true, someone left out the third “race;” the one that probably drove us to the split in the first place: the (not so often mentioned-or held accountable) black upper class.

That’s right; ladies and gentlemen: if there is a divide African Americans, guess what…we did it to ourselves. Worse, we’re still doing it to ourselves.

I agree with Mr. Williams that this discussion comes down to our values and our beliefs. By his logic, you have two distinct groups within the black collective:

The poor-who believe their shortcomings are placed on them by “the man,” who is continuing to hold them down and not making things better for them, and

The middle class-who are willing to work to be successful; who hold themselves accountable for their own well-being.

Where does the black upper class come in? At the top. These are the people who’ve “made it” out of the middle class (or-to inflate their egos more-out of the poor)…and conveniently forgot where they came from in the first place. They create social circles and organizations to close themselves off from the poor and the middle class (anyone ever fail the “paper bag test?”).

(Though-in something resembling a defense-they’re quick to throw money to the causes of the poor and middle class. I’m guessing this is some way of showing support without actually having to travel to the hood…..?)

You sometimes hear African Americans-especially when someone breaks with the “black groupthink”-joke, “that’s why we can’t get anywhere as a people.” Independent thought isn’t what’s killing us. In fact, God help us if we all thought for ourselves instead of just following the good Rev. Sharpton over the cliff.

What’s holding us down is ourselves. Just like in slavery, African Americans have stereotyped, stigmatized and segregated themselves to the point that, unfortunately, we’re not the same anymore. Yes, the poor have a different set of views and values from the middle class, who have a different set of views and values from the poor. Unfortunate reality…but our own fault.

That hand that’s around your neck that’s holding you down? Bet it’s a black one. And if you look really closely, all you’ll see are black hands on black necks.


Written by Coby Dillard

November 16, 2007 at 8:23 pm

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