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Religion of Peace?

Sudan protesters: Execute teacher
About 600 Islamic demonstrators piled out of mosques, chanting: “By soul, by blood, I will fight for the Prophet Mohammed.” Some of the protesters demanded the teacher’s execution, according to The Associated Press. The agency reports that some chanted: “No tolerance: Execution,” and “Kill her, kill her by firing squad.”

The decision by a Sudanese court to jail Gillian Gibbons late Thursday was widely criticized outside Sudan as too harsh, with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband saying he was “extremely disappointed” the charges were not dismissed.Abdul-Jalil Nazeer al-Karouri, a prominent cleric and hardliner, told worshippers Friday at the Martyrs Mosque: “Imprisoning this lady does not satisfy the thirst of Muslims in Sudan. But we welcome imprisonment and expulsion,” according to AP. But he did not urge worshippers to protest.

In leaflets distributed earlier this week by Muslim groups and seen by CNN, the protesters promised a “popular release of anger” at demonstrations called for Friday. The leaflets condemned Gibbons as an “infidel” and accused her of “the pollution of children’s mentality” by her actions.

Gibbons was arrested Sunday after she asked her class of seven-year-olds in Khartoum to name the toy as part of a school project, the Foreign Office said. She had faced charges under Article 125 of Sudan’s constitution, the law relating to insulting religion and inciting hatred.

She could have faced a sentence of 40 lashes, a fine or jail term of up to a year, according to the Foreign Office, which expressed Britain’s dissatisfaction with the verdict. Gibbons asked the children to pick their favorite name for the new class mascot, which she was using to aid lessons about animals and their habitats.

Couple of issues here:

1. My understanding is that these seven year olds chose the name for the bear themselves. Hmmm…sounds like a little fledgling democracy to me. Apparently, under sharia, that’s a problem.

2. Last I heard, wasn’t Islam supposed to be a “religion of peace?” I’m hoping that this type of thought isn’t indicative of all Muslims. But if it is-and by the way, sharia law is THE last word in several Muslim countries-that could be a problem. 40 lashes for paying respect to a religion and/or culture?

I think that there’s several names with biblical connections that are popular for children. Example: a list of some of the most popular names for boys in 2003 (names with biblical connections are bolded):

1. Jacob 6. Joseph
2. Michael 7. Ethan
3. Joshua 8. Daniel
4. Matthew 9. Christopher
5. Andrew 10. Anthony

(case you’re wondering, “Jesus” checked in at #61; “Muhammad” and all its derivative spellings didn’t check in at all. Not that it matters; Jesus is counted as a minor prohpet in the Koran.)

So…next time you think about the war, and where you stand on it, ask yourself this simple question: is the simple right to name my child whatever I want something I want to give up?

Because, under sharia, apparently that right doesn’t exist.




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November 30, 2007 at 3:23 pm

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