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Beating the Insurgency at Home

So, we’ve now spent a little under a year under a Congress that was swept in under a wave of pissed-offedeness…and what have we learned?

A lesson in grand strategy.

Consider: when the democrats were elected into the majority in Congress last year, it was because they swore-some, probably on their political lives-that they would end the war in Iraq. Even convinced the president to fire the Secretary of Defense.

As Congress has the power of the purse, the newly elected democrats fought the President on every funding request for the war. They sent over bill after bill with withdrawal deadlines. Phrases such as “dwell time” took their place in the American lexicon.

A year later, EVERY funding bill with a deadline-or anything to that effect-has failed.

Seems like the democrats have forgotten-or, maybe more accurately, never learned-an important strategy that has guided many military operations: the idea of grand strategy, or trading space for time. Being able to ride out the current hierarchy until it’s your turn. Or, as a close friend put it, having the ability to see the forest AND the trees.

So now, after a year of fighting a president, what do they have to show for it? A few things:
1. An underfunded war that is beginning to show progress,
2. Veterans coming home every day to inadequate care,
3. A government that has been forced to run on piecemeal funding since the start of the fiscal year,
4. A history of excessive federal spending-most of it tied to pet projects.

Luckily for them, Americans are still a little pissed off about progress in Iraq, and for some, that is the defining issue. Had they waited on a democratic president, they may have been able to pull some of the stunts they’ve tried to of late.

In a rash of irresponsibility, though, the democrats keep reaching for one more piece of cake. And all in the name of what they think the American people “want.”

Are these the people you want running the country for the next four years?




Written by Coby Dillard

December 12, 2007 at 10:00 pm

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