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Drawing the Line: A Letter to Barack Hussein Obama

Sen. Obama,

First and foremost, congratulations on your victory in the Iowa caucuses. A historic moment for all African Americans, myself included.

However, here’s why I still can’t support you:

1. Your Views on Iraq and the Global War on Terror
Contrary to your belief, Iraq is one of the frontlines in the Global War on Terror. Our efforts there continue to defend our democracy at home. The argument over whether or not we should have invaded Iraq will be decided long after you and I are dead. However, the fact remains that the world is a much better place without Saddam Hussein in power.

Our military must continue the mission which you validated with your vote to confirm GEN David Petraeus. We MUST continue to stabilize Iraq so that it does not become a springboard for another attack into our country. Our surge strategy has worked, and continues to work. Yet you would pull all of our troops within the first few years of your presidency. That single move would serve two goals:
1. It would embolden our enemies, who would “ride out” our remaining time on the ground, strike us on the way out, and declare victory-similar to what happened in Somalia in 1993,
2 It would ensure that American citizens will continue to live in fear of attacks on our country.

As a veteran of both Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, this is unacceptable. We agree that there is no purely military solution to the problems in Iraq. However, your presidency would make it a strong possibility that my son-now six months old-will never know safety and security in his own country.

2. Your Plan for Government-Funded Healthcare
We agree that all Americans deserve affordable healthcare. However, shifting the responsibility to the government to fund this healthcare is not the way to go. How will it be funded? Whose budget will you pull from to fund a national healthcare program? And who would manage it? What arm of the American way of life are you willing to sacrifice to the altar of healthcare?

You say that no American should be denied healthcare based on any pre-existing conditions. What about those Americans who are smokers, illegal drug users, or are morbidly obese by their own free will? Why should those of us who don’t have these problems-mostly that arise out of a lack of personal responsibility-have to shoulder the burden of those who do? More importantly, why should our government?

3. Your Views on Immigration
Yes, our borders need to be secured-and no, we have not done enough to accomplish that. However, rather than making the END of illegal immigration your policy, you would remove those things that attract ALL immigrants, be they legal or illegal. And you would offer illegal immigrants “in good standing” the opportunity to earn their citizenship.

Why should those who broke our laws to enter this country get a pass? There are thousands of immigrants who wait for YEARS for the mere chance to become citizens. If you offer an amnesty-or a slap on the wrist-to illegal immigrants, don’t you just encourage MORE illegal immigration? Not to mention that do you want the problems-increased drug importation, higher crime-that have a tendency to follow the waves of illegal immigration?

4. Your Experience
I have serious doubts-aside from the policy differences-over whether you have the experience to run this country, with all its complexities. You are a first-term Senator who is not even halfway through his first term. Your political experience is mostly on the local and state level. You have no military experience. Some-myself included-would argue that you started campaigning for the presidency even before you were sworn in as a senator. And I cannot point to a single bill that you have authored and passed (not including co-sponsorship) that has been of benefit to our nation.

In a time when our country stands terribly divided, and faces danger on every side, we need a president who will offer stability, resilience, and strength. Our next leader should be able to take charge of this country on his first day in office. He should have the willingness to do whatever it takes to defend this country against all her enemies, and should be able to unite us under the principles that have guided this country since its inception.

And in my opinion, you are not that person.




Written by Coby Dillard

January 7, 2008 at 3:41 pm

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