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What’s Needed, Right Now

America is at a crossroads.

We face a great struggle against an enemy determined to destroy our way of life, as well as countless domestic problems at home. Issues such as immigration, governmental spending, and health care all loom large over next year’s elections. In these divisive times, it is important that we elect a strong, unifying person to lead this nation. As its next president, America does not need someone who has to learn the job as they go along, or someone who will revert to the excesses of the 1990s. This country needs a leader who will not only stand up and speak for all citizens, but who also possesses the courage to stand and make the hard decisions when necessary.

That person is John McCain.

No other candidate can match McCain’s experience and service to our country. Among the candidates in this presidential election, John McCain has a legacy of service to this country that stands far above the rest. Since 1958, McCain has proudly led a life of service to his community and country. The amount of experience that McCain will bring to the White House far exceeds that of his closest rivals (of note: McCain had already served his country for 21 years when Barack Obama graduated from high school!!). As a veteran and a former POW, McCain has a love of this country that most of us can only aspire to have. He has more than laid his life on the line for freedom. But it’s not just McCain’s experience that best suits him to lead this country.

McCain is the one candidate that will LEAD us to victory in Iraq and the Global War on Terror. The 2008 presidential election is a choice between two directions: success or total failure. While other politicians have shifted their views on the war to soothe their constituency, McCain has never wavered in his support of taking the fight to the enemy, wherever they may be. He believes that, with additional time and support, Iraq can move from a sectarian, terrorist haven to a fledgling democracy. He will not pull our troops out until the mission is completed. McCain will use the presidency to push for the political reconciliation that Iraq so desperately needs, and will encourage Congress to exert political pressure on the Iraqi government, rather than attempting to make strategy here at home.

McCain will work to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely, and not subject to special interests and personal whims. President McCain will increase transparency in the budget process, and allow more Americans to see and-more importantly-understand where and how their money is being spent. He will continue to oppose the excessive “pork-barrel” spending that past administrations allowed. McCain will set in place a system of lower tax cuts, and couple these with intelligent and responsible spending practices.

McCain will address the rising cost of healthcare in this country, instead of shifting the responsibility of healthcare to the government. A McCain administration would give control of healthcare dollars back to their source: the American family. It would give our nations veteran’s the ability to take their benefits from the VA to any provider who can give them the best care efficiently and at a convenient location. More importantly than these things, McCain will lead the nation in taking personal responsibility for its health and well being. He will ensure that programs to address chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure are established and fully funded so that the American public can be educated on these problems, and find ways to combat them.

Lastly, John McCain is the ONLY candidate who Americans can trust to ALWAYS stand by his words and on his principles. You may not agree with all of McCain’s positions, but one thing is certain: in John McCain, America will have a president who will never bend to the demands of special interests or other countries. With John McCain, what you see is what you get: a straight talker, who has the knowledge and experience to make the hard decisions when necessary. With John McCain, America will have a LEADER for the 21st century, and not a guide through the minefield of “change.”

John McCain is what this country needs, right now.




Written by Coby Dillard

January 7, 2008 at 7:22 pm

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