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Debating the Debate

Took in the Republican debate last night-which I don’t usually do, because it’s like preaching to the choir to me. My thoughts on what the candidates did/said, as where they stood on the issues last night :

John McCain: still the strongest pro-mission (or “military conservative,” as the new term seems to be) candidate out there. However, I’m starting to get some concerns-or maybe I’m paying attention more-that he may or may not know what to do with the economy heading into the tank. Harping on the fact that you want to rein in government spending is a good thing. But if you can’t give a straight answer about how exactly you want to stimulate the economy, and the answer that you give is that you’ll rely on your friends (endorsers?) to tell you what should be done-that’s a little concerning. And, unfortunately, people asre starting to care a lot more about the economy. Overall Grade: C

Mitt Romney: Had the best line of the night (“Look, the success over there is due to the — the blood and the courage of our servicemen and -women, and to General Petraeus and to President Bush, not to General Hillary Clinton.”). Economically-well, he’s a businessman, so he wants to make sure corporations get theirs as well. Wants to focus on the here-and-now situation in Iraq, rather than rehashing whether we should’ve gone in the first place. Seems to somewhat support the 2nd Amendment, though I think that if he’s backed into a corner, he’ll falter on that issue. Wouldn’t force me in DC to have to pay for rebuilding people’s lives after a catastrophe in Florida, California-or New Orleans. Overall Grade: B

Rudy Giuliani: Harps on his record as mayor. Yeah, well….that doesn’t eminently qualify you to be president, as your poll numbers are starting to show. Hell, your own city’s newspaper won’t endorse you. Supports free trade as long as we’re not being thrown under the bus, which I can support. I’m not so sure about wanting to work with China economically, because if anyone is going to throw us under said bus, it would most likely be them. Won’t govern by polls. Overall Grade: D

Ron Paul: Preaches a lot of gloom and doom. Kinda took on a “holier than thou” attitude about the current state of the economy (“But there was never my participation in this. I was waving a flag the whole time saying, slow up, slow up; this — this isn’t going well.”), which was not very appealing. Not to mention the fact that he never actually said what he would do to fix the economy. Said the U.S. should never be a country that “starts wars needlessly.” Seemingly, he’s just as willing to write off Iraq as the democrats are (though, in defense, his reasons for that seem to be more economical that anything). More than anything, seems to just want to let people live their lives without any interference from the government. Overall Grade: even though we fundamentally disagree, B+

Mike Huckabee: His take on stimulating the economy by expanding I-95 was pretty good. Took on an Obama-esque, “I wasn’t there, don’t blame me!” attitude with the economy (“I wasn’t in Washington during all this time, so that’s one of the reasons they ought to give me a chance since I wasn’t there messing this up.”). His contrast between trickle-down and “trickle-up” (is that possible?) economics was pretty good as well. Took a subtle dig at President Bush by saying the focus of his administration was “keeping us safe,” and not paying attention to the economy. Also won’t govern by polling, and is opened to being second-guessed. Not sure how to take that. Overall Grade: B-

Definitely a much more collected debate than the democratic foolishness of a couple nights ago. Paul came off as the crotchety old man, McCain as a flustered elder spokesman, and everyone else kinda in the middle of those two extremes.

And by the way, McCain picked up the endorsement of the New York Times-that bastion of conservative thought.




Written by Coby Dillard

January 25, 2008 at 3:09 pm

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