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Why Some Folks Are Afraid of Obama

Got an email this morning entitled “Why Some Folks Are Afraid of Obama.” After a little cutting and pasting, here’s the reasons against, along with my thoughts:

1. He’s not ready/He’s not experienced.
Obama does have experience within the political arena, including terms in the Illinois legislature and his current Senate term. The problem is that most of his experience comes at the local/state level, as he has only held national office for about three years. Some will argue that Hillary Clinton has only been in the Senate a few years longer than Obama, and that this makes her equally unqualified. By comparison, the leading Republican candidate, John McCain, has held his Senate seat since 1987…while Obama was still preparing to enter law school.

2. White America is not ready for a Black president.
This doesn’t seem to be true, as Obama has won states in the primaries that don’t have majority African-American populations (Iowa as a BIG example). What I’m not sure of is if that’s because of his “message” (more on that later), or if it’s because a vote for Obama is-at this point-a vote against Clinton.

3. Barack is half black and half white, so he’s not really black anyway.
That’s just stupid.

4. I don’t know what issues Barack stands for.
Well, the rest of the world isn’t sure either. Obama’s speeches carry a lot of “hope” and “change” and “beliefs,” but no real specifics as to how he’s going to bring those things about. In the primary season, that’s fine; no one’s really getting bogged down with specifics. But as the general election rolls around-and especially now that he’s trying to position himself as the front runner-people who are undecided are going to want to know who’s going to put this country back together and keep it safe. More importantly, they’re going to want to know HOW the candidates will do that. Obama isn’t ready to deliver that at this point..or rather, he hasn’t delivered it.

5. All he did was give that one speech.
The “one speech”-the general address at the 2004 democratic convention-was his springboard into the public spotlight. Some argue that it’s where his campaign for president really began.

Disagree with his politics all you want, but he’s got damn good speechwriters. He SOUNDS good.

6. If all of those white people are supporting him, he must be in their back pocket.
Every politician-especially at this level-is beholden to somebody. Obama has a fund raising machine that is cranking out millions in record periods of time…and it’s not just white people. It’s damn near EVERYBODY. One thing’s for certain: there’s no way McCain is going to be able to out-fundraise Obama. Just ain’t happening.

And now, some of the suggested reasons for:

1. We’ll have no more excuses left.
Not necessarily. Winning the election doesn’t always translate into a successful presidency, and that’s what his legacy will be based on: how he actually performs.

2. If society is left unchanged after his presidency we’ll lose hope.
This is a set up for failure. No president-with the possible exception of Reagan-has EVER completely changed society. It’s just too big of a job for one person. The best Obama could hope for is to fix the problems he can, instead of trying to take on the whole world.

3. If he messes it up, we’re all screwed.
Well, that depends on how many unreasonable standards are placed on him. Best believe that all eyes will be on him, though…and that if he blows it, he ruins the chance for ANY other black candidate.

And, finally, there was this:

So vote for him, drop the excuses, and support the first viable Black Candidate. Our ancestors demand that we do so.
I think that, if nothing else-our ancestors would demand we vote our conscience. If that leads you towards Obama, great. If not, it doesn’t make you disrespectful of their legacy.




Written by Coby Dillard

February 22, 2008 at 3:14 pm

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  1. I disagree with your number 4…bc if you have ever seen a debate, like the one last night, or heard him speak, then you would know what he stands for….

    and then you said if he didn’t do a good job it would ruin the chance for another black man to run for presidency…are u effin kidding me???

    If Hillary wins and screws up, can another white woman never win a presidential election? If McCain gets it and screws up, will another white man never get it? Of course not! Bc Bush got it after his sorry behind daddy had it!

    So how can you even use that assinine line of thinking?

    I was keeping an open mind…and was mostly with you until you said that…
    You sound as silly as the folks who make the stupid arguments in the email!



    February 22, 2008 at 6:50 pm

  2. I know what he believes, though I’ve never been sure exactly how he wants to act to make his beliefs reality. I’ve heard him speak, and it’s a little vague.

    Our standards are different from everyone else, and you know that. If Obama fails, some people will say that a black man isn’t qualified to be president, and that will make it harder for others in the future. White people (well, men…but even the standards for white women are different) have been doing this forever; this is new to us.

    You know just as well as I do that, in some circles, if the country’s attacked again, nobody’s going to say “Obama screwed up.” They’re going to say “damn n—-r got us attacked.”

    It’s no different than the “first black” in any situation is viewed.
    It’s unfair to put that all on someone, but that’s how it is.


    February 22, 2008 at 7:12 pm

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