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We Now Return You to Your Daily Defense of Freedom

It’s been a long couple of weeks. Somehow, I’ve found myself with more responsibilities than before (thanks, GOE!). However, the events of the last few days:

Sunday: After spending some time with the family, I met up with Vets for Freedom (VFF) on one of the last legs of our National Heroes Tour. We were down in Norfolk, VA for a minor league baseball game. Pete Hegseth (the executive director) threw out the first pitch of the game. Not a whole lot of participation, mostly due to some not-so-great weather.

After a train ride back to DC….

Monday: Met up with GOE for our “Congressional Victory Challenge.” The weather sucked (it looked like rain the entire day), but myself and 30 other members managed to cover 437 offices of Congress in about a 8-10 hour period. We met with various staff members, and conveyed the same message as VFF would the next day (and that the VFW will tomorrow), which is….

Tuesday: “LET US WIN!!”
Tuesday was the 3rd Vets on the Hill event by VFF, and I was proud to participate yet again (though by this time, I’m not sure how my body was still functioning….especially with a 5:15 am start!!).

The morning began with a speech by GEN Richard Myers, a past Chairman of the JCS. From there, we held a rally at Senate Park across from the Capitol. Sens. McCain, Graham (who had the best line of the day; see above!), Liberman and Rep. Jim Marshall (a democrat; proving that some of them do recognize the threats to our country!!) spoke, as well as other senators and representatives. Then, off to more rounds on Capitol Hill….including two meetings with Rep. Scott and Moran from VA, who were both useless.

Also, members of GOE, Free Republic’s DC Chapter, and Band of Mothers were out showing their support for the military and their mission as well.

Finally, today I had the opportunity to attend the President’s speech on Iraq at the White House.

I’m tired and still recovering…..but as long as the military’s willing to fight and die to pretect this country and our freedoms, running around the state and the District is the least I can do to fight the defeatists here.




Written by Coby Dillard

April 10, 2008 at 6:52 pm

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