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Why Not McCain? Part 1: Civil Rights

In the hopes of encouraging a dialogue, I’m going to be featuring some pieces from Jack Turner (one of the writers over at JJP) as he takes a closer look at John McCain. Most of them may be arguments against (and I’ll respond accordingly), but there’s nothing wrong with presenting opposing points of view. So……here we go.

McCain and Civil Rights

Partly because I’m just so tired of writing about The Clintons and partly because I have a lot of studying up to do on McCain, I’m going to try posting on the Republican nominee a bit more.

Yesterday, I posted on his curious refusal to co-sponsor or publicly support the new GI Bill. He said he hasn’t had time to read it. I say that’s bullshit for a man who’s been touring the country on a biography tour based entirely on the fact that he’s a veteran. He has time to sell his veteran tale but not ensure that today’s veterans are cared for?

Today, it’s McCain and civil rights.

The article goes on to list two examples of McCain’s supposed “shunning” of blacks when it comes to civil rights: one from the Huffington Post (that bastion of conservative thought) detailing McCain’s non-support of the Kennedy-Hawkins Civil Rights act of 1990, and one from the Politico, which talks about how he’s supposedly blew off black organizations in his home state.

The post concludes with this line: “…he’s just indifferent. He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t actively care.”

I’m not sure why activist organizations-and that’s not just limited to black ones-feel the need to throw a candidate or office holder under the bus if he’s not sucking up to their legislative agenda. It’s a catch-22; respond sincerely, and you’re accused of only caring for the moment (see McCain’s speech in Memphis and the liberal reaction), or don’t respond at all, and you’re accused of not giving a damn. How do you win?

I’m also not sure why any candidate should be made to apologize or repudiate his views or vote on past legislation. That’s gamesmanship of the worst kind. At least McCain continues to defend his votes today, instead of trying to explain or “justify” them.

It’s not that McCain doesn’t get it, or doesn’t care. It’s that he is refusing to allow himself to go under the bus for a community that will put him there no matter what course of action he takes. He stands on his record, and sees no reason to adjust it to fit someone else’s narrow viewpoint. Because, if we’re to be real, there’s no way on earth that a majority of African Americans will consider McCain’s message, or the conservative viewpoint as a whole.


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April 11, 2008 at 7:26 pm

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