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Chaos Theory

So, your analysis of last night’s primaries:

In North Carolina, Obama won against Clinton 56% to 42%. In Indiana, Clinton barely beat Obama, 51% to 49% (Fear not, McCain won both handily).

First off, Obama’s win in NC was just about a given…if for no other reason than the huge black population there.

What I find interesting in both races is that Clinton carried the Republican vote in BOTH states-61% to 33% in NC, 54% to 36% in IN.

WTH’s up with that? For the answer, we turn to Rush Limbaugh-of all people.

Limbaugh is the creator of a movement called “Operation Chaos.” Its goal: to screw with the democratic party so bad that the remaining primaries (which don’t have a whole ot of bearing at this point) are all-out slugfests leading to a brokered democratic convention this summer. The method of accomplishing this? Getting as many Republican voters in open primary states-such as IN-to vote for Hillary Clinton so she wins these states, thereby denying them to one Barack [redacted] Obama.

Great idea, right? I’m not so sure, for a couple reasons:

1. You assume that those Republicans who voted for HRC will get back in line come November. If this election’s shown the world anything, it’s that anything is possible. What if those Republicans who go liberal actually realize they were always liberal? Oops… they’ve been driven away.

2. This stunt can only be pulled once. If the numbers prove that there was an effect due to Operation Chaos, best believe that come, oh, 2012 (which is about how long it will take the dems to realize just how f’d up their system is), actions of this nature will be legislated out of existence. Translation: this card’s been played, and we might need it more later down the road.

I’m all for letting chaos rain in the democratic party. The more HRC and Obama fight, the better “President McCain” looks/smells/sounds/etc (may want to back off the gas tax holiday though, Senator).

I’m just not sure if this is the complete best way to do it.




Written by Coby Dillard

May 7, 2008 at 6:52 pm

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