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Take Your Campaign Back. Now.

Senator McCain,

Congratulations on an absolutely terrible first 24 hours in the general election.

First, you gave a speech Tuesday evening that may well go down as one of your worst. Scratch that-it was your worst. I see what you were trying to accomplish in turning Obama’s slogan on its head. And had you just done it once (maybe twice), it would’ve worked. But six times?

Add to this, your website redesign. Does your color scheme for your Decision Center remind you of something? Obama’s campaign logo, maybe?

Let’s discuss your change theorem. You say this is an election about the right change and the wrong change. Well, damn it, lead by example. You have made several wrong changes.

Might I, a humble supporter, suggest the following?

1. You ran your primary campaign on your military service; touted it in contrast to Obama’s inexperience. It worked. Go back to that. What’s come out lately is not the McCain that motivates me-or, as it would seem, anyone else.

2. Throw a fit. Get your advisors-especially the techie types who designed your site-together and let loose. Ask them-in a very forceful manner-if they’re trying to sabotage your campaign before it gets off the ground.

3. Read your audience better. If you tell a joke and it bombs, don’t tell it again. Trust me; less people will laugh the second time (and the 3rd-6th).

4. Throw the website back to the old design. Pictures of you looking reflective, giving the forceful speeches. God help me, but the “crotchety old man” role worked for you; it’s what you are. Use it. Let’s be honest: there is nothing about you that suggests happiness or lightheartedness. And when you try to play that role, you look uncomfortable; out of place.

A fellow conservative of mine said yesterday that this election should be a debate on the substance of issues. I agree. But it’s hard to debate issues with these little mistakes floating around. They’re unnecessary distractions, and ones that could’ve been avoided.

Run your race. You know what’s worked for you; get back to that.

Your Friend,



Written by Coby Dillard

June 4, 2008 at 5:40 pm

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