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On War (Namely, Iraq)

As I’m suffering from a fit of laziness this morning, here’s two questions posed to me from an earlier writing:

Army Sergeant said…
I think the problem with the whole “win the war” thing is that it’s not a war at this point. It’s an occupation, and when you get involved in an occupation, you’re in a losing position, because you have to win all the time, and the opposition doesn’t really have a losing scenario. I’m still waiting for someone to define enough success in Iraq for us to fully come home. Not permanent basing, come ALL the way home. The Korea model is not viable for Iraq.

BlackLiterature said…
I would like to know if you think winning in Iraq is truly possible. How is thata defined to you? Army Sergeant makes a good point. At this point it seems that even mot Bush supporters/Republicans think our plan in Iraq was incredibly flawed. Why are you not convinced?

In partial response, I offer this, from an interview I did for American Thinker:

It’s readily accepted fact that, looking back, we were too quick to declare our mission in Iraq “accomplished.” Any fair analysis of our mission in Iraq includes an admission that some mistakes were made.

However, what we’re seeing now in Iraq-political gains being made, and the Iraqis beginning to take charge of their own future-does suggest that the tide is beginning to turn there. These gains arguably would not have been possible without the 2007 surge. And now that the surge’s mission-to give the Iraqi people and government time and space to begin to rebuild their country-has been completed, those troops can begin to return.

A safe, secure Iraq-just like a safe, secure Afghanistan-is of nothing but benefit to the United States. Any country who is willing to aid us in our struggle against terrorism is an ally. America’s freedom and democracy are preserved and strengthened when Iraq and Afghanistan are able to stand on their own, and move their respective citizens forward.

Some would argue that in invading Iraq, we took our eyes off the larger picture in the War on Terror. Success in our struggle against terrorism will probably not be achieved when bin Laden is captured; just as we saw in Iraq when al-Zarqawi was killed, someone else will take his place. Success in the War on Terror will be had when the world’s countries are able to stand with one voice and reject extremism in all its forms. Afghanistan has added its voice to that chorus, and while Iraq’s voice isn’t as strong, they are adding theirs as well.

Now, I’ll admit to not being a fan of imposing bases on Iraq. I see the strategic point of having one, and if the Iraqis offer, we should-and probably will-accept. But to impose-bad idea that will just fuel resentment.

Hope I’ve answered, and if not I’ll try again.

AS, you almost don’t fit with the whole IVAW image. Still have to have the GI Bill discussion.

And BlackLit, I might come over and read with y’all one day. I’m-somewhat-civilized, and occasionally play well with others.




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June 10, 2008 at 3:44 pm

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