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Thoughts on McCain/Palin

I’ve been trying to write this since Friday.

So, we have a VP candidate now: Sarah Palin. First term governor (2006) of Alaska. Prior to that, city council member and mayor of Wasilla, AK (pop. 9,000ish). Bucked the GOP in her state by exposing corruption. Put the final nail in the “Bridge to Nowhere.” A card-carrying member of the NRA and the “drill here, drill now!!” crowd. Avid sportsperson (that the correct term?) Strongly pro-life (chose not to abort her son when she found out he would be born with Down’s synrome). Married 20 years; five kids, including one who’s Army infantry and will deploy to Iraq on September 11.

Now, let’s recognize the obvious. This is:

1. A play to the conservative base of the GOP, whose wet dreams about another Republican president haven’t really included John McCain of late (hell, I’ll admit to losing some of MY enthusiasm), and

2. A play to the PUMAs of the dhimmicrats (“vote for us; we chose a woman when Obama didn’t/wouldn’t!!”)

(I’ll get in trouble for those with some of my more conservative friends. Oh well.)

Here’s my biggest-hell, ONLY-concern with Ms. Palin: as someone who’s been bouncing off the walls to extol the national security/foreign policy/military experience of McCain, Sarah Palin brings none of that to the table. I could make a convincing case for every other GOP VP also ran (McCain/Romney=security and economics, McCain/Liberman=security and bipartisanship, McCain/Pawlenty or Huckabee or Thompson=security and warm fuzzies for conservatives (in Pawlenty’s case, conservatives with an eye to the future)).

McCain/Palin=national security and……..? I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

Not to mention that now McCain’s age is in play, when it never should’ve been. Yes, he’s healthy for a 72 year old. But so was Shaft….and he dropped dead on a treadmill. Rep. Tubbs-Jones had an anerusym that apparently came out of nowhere. Sometimes things happen.

So let’s say something happens to McCain. Now, the conservative Rookie of the Year gets to deal with a multi-front war, an emerging Russia, and Islamic extremism. In a moment of candor, that’s a lot for anyone to deal with….ESPECIALLY someone who’s only held executive office for a little over/under two years (though, admittedly, that’s longer than the junior senator from IL has held one!).

Every reason I had not to vote for Obama, I┬ánow have not to vote for Palin. As I said a few days ago, she’s the conservative Obama, circa 2004: untested, unproven, unknown.

As the VP buzz has been going around, I’ve advocated for holding the future stars of the GOP in reserve. Let Pawlenty and Jindal and Palin grow a bit, beef up their resumes, and set the stage for 8-12 years of Republican administrations in Washington after the Obama insurgency has run its course. Now, one of those future starts is thrown into the spotlight (and into the targets of the “far left loons” of the DailyKos/MoveOn crowd, who are already beginning to act stupid. See my warning to them in a previous post; not linking to their foolishness here).

Is she ready? Are we as conservatives really ready? Guess we’ll see, cause McCain/Palin beats the hell out of the alternative.

Little nervous, though….




Written by Coby Dillard

September 1, 2008 at 10:57 am

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  1. What about those women Republicans with some experience?
    I’m talking Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Susan Collins, Olypia Snowe.
    Did McCain ask them?
    Did they turm him down?
    Or does McCain have a “thing” for beauty queens?
    This does not say a lot about McCain’s judgement.

    D. Don’t know, but everything I’ve seen/heard/read says no. What it says about his judgement….I guess will be left to the electorate and to history. I think there may have been better options, but Ms. Palin-outside of expreience-doesn’t detract from the campaign.

    Admiral Komack

    September 1, 2008 at 1:40 pm

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