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The Battle of Ocean View: (Re)Raising the Flag

I wonder if I can get Ocean View declared as a “central front” in the War on Terror…

Well, I did manage to get a new McCain bumper sticker yesterday, thanks to the chairwoman of the Norfolk GOP. Seems Rep. Thelma Drake (VA-2) was out doing a bus tour in Norfolk, and happened to swing through Ocean View. I was out and about doing my Saturday morning routine (in a USCG shirt and blue shorts; kinda bummy for me), when I ran into the good Representative and her campaign manager (who I have a working relationship with). Oops.

Walked over to the tour bus they were going around on, where Ms. Brown (Norfolk GOP) saw me. Told me she saw the article in the newspaper about the theft (will link as soon as I find it online), and immediately handed me another “Veterans for McCain” sticker. And, for a time, life was good (though they left before I could get a “Veterans for Drake” sticker!”).

Apparently, there were some Obamaists in the neighboorhood as well. The version of the story that I got was when the Drake bus pulled up:

There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth, as the Obamaists scattered saying, “Obama, Obama, why have you forsaken us?”

(Okay, a little embelishment there. But apparently, they did take off. I would see them later in the parking lot with a general “what the hell just happened?” look on their faces)

So later, I’m putting the bumper sticker on my car…and it wasn’t sticking. In an effort to preserve the place where the original stickers had been, I had let dirt build up on the car. Okay, no problem; just wipe it off. Which I started doing. As I was taking the bumper sticker off on the car, a black male (probably 20-30ish) says to me, “I knew that (sticker) didn’t seem right when I saw you walking to the car.” With a laugh and a smile.

I laughed and smiled back. “No, it’s mine.”

He shook his head and drove off.

The battle continues.




Written by Coby Dillard

September 21, 2008 at 9:16 am

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