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Oceana Air Show

Took a break from the partisanship of the world and took in the NAS Oceana (VA Beach) Air Show on Sunday…and wound up with the funniest of stories.

This is T. (and the crowd says, “Hi, T.”), who accompanied me to the air show.

After demonstrating my knowledge of military aviation (or at least the aspects I remember), T. and I took a trip through the Virtual Army Experience (VAE), which is a huge video-gameish mobile recruiting tool for the Army. While inside, you participate (i.e. shoot) in a simulated convoy mission from either 2 vehicles or a helicopter.

So, we go through the simulation. And for a Navy guy, I thought I did pretty well. Turns out, though, that someone did better.

At the end of the simulation, the group we were in lined up for an evaluation of our performance (an AAR in military terms). After the AAR was completed, the staff sergeant who was in charge of our group came over to myself and T. and said, “I was watching you the whole time, and you were the best out of the entire group. You were really composed.”

She wasn’t talking to me. T. was surprised, and I spent the rest of the day laughing.

The box she’s holding (in front of a B-52) is a model of a solider (Army Sergeant Tommy Rieman) that she got for her participation.

What did I get for mine? A recruiter’s card.




Written by Coby Dillard

September 23, 2008 at 9:46 am

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