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Sarah Palin as Gorgo?

What makes this woman think she can speak among men? Persian Messenger, from 300

So, apparently today, VP nominee Sarah Palin went to the United Nations General Assembly to sit at the feet of foreign leaders and learn of their wisdom (or view their stupidity as the case may be). She also met with former SECSTATE Henry Kissinger.

Now, normally, events like this would conclude with a grand trotting-out of Palin and whatever leader she happened to be meeting with for a brief Q&A by the media. What’d you think, what’d you learn, that sort of thing.

Yeah….no. Apparently, the McCain campaign wasn’t having that, at least for a few moments. From CNN:

Although Palin held photo-ops with the leaders, she refused to take questions from any reporters.

The Alaska governor initially said that no reporters would be allowed to sit in on her meeting with Karzai. She planned to allow in only photographers and one television crew, but she changed her position after at least five U.S. news networks protested.

This is bad, on multiple levels:

1. To the American people, it looks like the McCain campaign is going WAAAY out of the way to shelter Palin. What the hell kind of vote of confidence is that? What does it say about your nominee if you can’t trust her to instantly react to the media? Worse, what does it say about the person who picked her? If you’ve got to cover her ass by sheltering her, did you really make the best pick?

2. It’s now 9 at night. The world leaders who aren’t drunk off their asses are probably in wherever they sleep, watching the news. And they’re hearing the row about how the McCain camp wasn’t letting Palin near the reporters.

If I were one, I’d be thinking “WTF?” Why the hell should I take this woman seriously, if they won’t even let her speak on her own. And if I’m from an Arab country or another culture who relegates women to second class status, and Palin becomes VP, I don’t give her the time of day. Just like the Persian Messenger, who the hell is this woman that thinks she can speak to me now, when no one would let her before?

It’s moments like this where I have to question the overall strategy of the McCain camp. Like I said on JJP earlier, Palin just lost AT LEAST half her credibility. Not to mention the fact that any feminist who’s okay with this-not letting the woman have her say!!-and isn’t pissed might want to seriously check their hypocrisy level.

This is…..stupid.




Written by Coby Dillard

September 23, 2008 at 9:29 pm

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