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McCain, the Bailout, and the American Insurgency

Seems like that massive bailout package that McCain “suspended” his campaign to deliver….didn’t pass the House yesterday. Two observations:

1. McCain has a lot of egg on his face right now. Had the bill passed, he would’ve been able to take some-though probably, not a whole lot-of credit for its passage. As it turned out, he came in only to get the House GOP’s voices a seat at the table. He did that. Problem is, those voices didn’t do him a lot a favors in return.

So now, McCain looks like he came in and disrupted the process. That may be completely untrue, but that’s what it looks like on the surface. Perception being 9/10 of the law, there’s no way that this can look good for him. The move that was once seen as “presidential” is now expose as some sort of stunt…that didn’t work.

2. Congress-and the bankers, financiers, etc on Wall Street-just got a glimpse of the American Insurgency. Joe Citizen woke up last week, heard everyone talk about how this bailout would help everyone except him, and got pissed off. Instead of taking up arms and shooting someone, he picked up his phone, called Bubba down the street, and pissed him off. Bubba called someone else and pissed them off. And after all the pissing off was done, EVERYONE called their representatives and let them know how pissed off they were. 228 of them listened.

Sometimes the job of a leader is to get behind the people you lead and follow them. Vote how they tell you; do what the tell you. Getting out in front could get you run over.

With the whole House up for election this year, the representatives would do well to remember that.




Written by Coby Dillard

September 30, 2008 at 10:35 am

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  1. McCain, The Bailout, And The American Insurgency…

    The Dillard Doctrine, a black conservative blog, opines: “Seems like that massive bailout package that McCain ‘suspended’ his campaign to deliver….didn’t pass the House yesterday. Two observations: 1. McCain has a lot of egg on his face right now….

    Booker Rising

    September 30, 2008 at 4:09 pm

  2. D,

    Dems engineered this failure for political gain and chose to watch the market tank. 1.4 TRILLION in 401Ks and IRA plans of hardworking Americans was lost as a result of their hyper-partisanship.

    You are simply falling for the Dems narrative, promoted and parroted by the MSM.

    The Dems are the majority. They could have passed this bill without the 100 GOP votes they demanded. They wanted the GOP for political cover but they were not willing to work in a truly bipartisan manner to get the GOP support they demanded.

    Free market principles and government mechanisms had yet to be fully explored or utilized, and this is why many Republicans voted aganst the bill. Raising the limits for FDIC insurance, for example, was an issue first raised by Republicans. Or, requiring firms to use private capital, instead of taxpayer dollars, to buy insurance for certain assests that still have value. Or pressuring the Fed to use its authority to infuse liquidity into the market ahead of any plan. (All of these options have now, after the market tanked, have been implemented or under consideration, since the bill failed).

    Dems, fearing the arrival of McCain on the scene would produce a bipartisan outcome for which he would gain credit, quickly negotiated an outline of ‘core’ principles that did not include the house GOP. They quickly came out to the press and said they had ‘a deal.’ This is now been exposed as a fabrication. In fact, before McCain arrived, only 4 house GOP members supported the Paulson Plan. McCain succeeded in giving the house GOP a seat at the table and bringing along at least 60 more house GOP votes.

    Meanwhile, Pelosi and Frank allowed friends and committee members to vote no, and made no attempt to whip up the necessary Dem votes. Then they rushed out before the cameras to pin the blame on McCain and the Republicans.

    What a double standard the MSM has created! When the GOP ran the show, it was always held responsible for every “bad” outcome. Now that the GOP is in the minority, it’s still held responsible for every “bad” outcome. I suppose it’s a similar standard that somehow allows the Democrats in charge of overseeing the financial sector to whine that there hasn’t been enough oversight without even the slightest sting of embarrassment.

    Stop playing along with the Dems and their hacks in the media. Shine the light of truth on the real cause of this mess, the sub-prime mortgage market, created by the Community Reinvestment Act, enforced by ACORN and the Clinton Justice Department, inflated by the corrupt execs at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, , mismanagement overlooked and regulation defeated by prominent Dems and the “CBC Family’ who were generously rewarded with campaign contributions and lavish fundraisers.

    PLEASE watch this video (if you haven’t already) and pass it on. After a ‘rescue’ package passes, voters are going to want someone to be accountable for this mess and we cannot allow Republicans to be the scapegoats.

    D. Way I see it, everyone’s got a hand in this. I blame the dems for putting this foolishness in motion years ago, and for now making what’s essentially a national security matter into a partisan event. I blame the GOP for not undoing the mess the dems created when Bush came in and they had the majority in the government. I blame the “underprivledged” for buying up stuff they knew they couldn’t afford, and I blame the rest of America for not standing up and saying WTF to the government (until now). I recognize that McCain brought the additional 60 House GOPers along, but the only way he would’ve gotten the “problem solver/reformer” credit that he wanted was if the bill passed. Now, I don’t blame him for the bill’s failure (no one expected that Americans would rise up and question this in the numbers they reportedly did), but the gambit didn’t pay off the way he needed it to. He still has my support…..but this didn’t succeed, so it failed.


    October 1, 2008 at 10:24 am

  3. Is this American insurgency a good thing? Right now I am disappointed in both campaigns, and all of Congress for that matter, for not going out and trying to EDUCATE the electorate about WTF is really happening in the economy. Of course, nobody seems to agree on WTF is happening. All the more important to try to educate.

    Bailout/”Rescue” : Necessary evil? Total sellout? Economic hostage crisis? It all depends on what you believe the underlying problem, and the eventual solution, to be. It COULD be that the problem/solution is so painful that no politician would dare be associated with it.

    But responsible LEADERSHIP would at least try to get the word out. And — with truly nothing to lose — perhaps the only person who could have asserted that leadership was George W. Bush. Too bad he has no clue. Because we all sure could have used some.

    D. It’s a good thing in that people are finally paying attention to what the hell’s going on in DC. Oddly enough, I said on JJP-and will repeat here-that a lot of that is due to the Obama ascendancy. People who never gave a damn about what went on in Congress, the White House, etc., are now waking up and beginning to (or beginning to want to) hold people accountable. I don’t know how many of “the people” truly care and how many will stop caring on Nov. 5 if Obama is elected, but civics teachers countrywide have got to feel a hell of a lot more relevant now.


    October 3, 2008 at 4:44 pm

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