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About Last Night…Part 2

Trying my absolute best to get this whole thing out today…

So, the score is currently Biden 1, Palin 1.5. More economics follow…

What promises — given the events of the week, the bailout plan, all of this, what promises have you and your campaigns made to the American people that you’re not going to be able to keep?

Biden says that the Obama/Biden ticket will cut back on foreign assistance and cut some of the Bush Admin’s tax cuts (slyly, he manages to label them as McCain’s. You ain’t slick.). He then says that they cannot hold up on: (1) providing new jobs through an energy policy, (2) education, and (3) the big universal healthcare plan. Which I would love to know how, after a 800 billion-plus bailout, will be paid for.

Palin swings the discussion back to…energy. Um, no relevance, Governor. But then she says this:

There is not. And how long have I been at this, like five weeks? So there hasn’t been a whole lot that I’ve promised, except to do what is right for the American people, put government back on the side of the American people, stop the greed and corruption on Wall Street.

And the rescue plan has got to include that massive oversight that Americans are expecting and deserving. And I don’t believe that John McCain has made any promise that he would not be able to keep, either.

Point blank, and to the point.

Score: Biden 2, Palin 2.5. Biden gets a point for sticking to the script (Obama basically said the exact same stuff last week). Palin gets another point for actually answering the question.

(To Palin) Last year, Congress passed a bill that would make it more difficult for debt-strapped mortgage-holders to declare bankruptcy, to get out from under that debt. This is something that John McCain supported. Would you have?  (To Biden, later) Sen. Biden, you voted for this bankruptcy bill. Sen. Obama voted against it. Some people have said that mortgage- holders really paid the price.

Palin answers with a flat “yes.”  Short speech on McCain warning about problems with Fannie/Freddy.

Biden says, “Mortgage-holders didn’t pay the price. Only 10 percent of the people who are — have been affected by this whole switch from Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 — it gets complicated.” You have to hear the audio, but he absolutely stumbled through the word “complicated.” He then proceeds to go after McCain on bankruptcy issues.

Palin all but calls him a liar…and then goes back to energy.

Score: Biden 2, Palin 2. I know energy policy is the good governor’s strong point, but…

What is true and what is false about what we have heard, read, discussed, debated about the causes of climate change?

Energy stuff, finally. Palin acknowledges that climate change is happening, and says she doesn’t want to argue the causes, but would rather talk about what to do about it. Plug for energy independence, on the basis that we’re supporting environmental damage by importing energy sources from countries who don’t care about the environment. Not bad.

Biden says that climate change is “manmade.” Plug for alternative energy sources, and says this:

John McCain has voted 20 times against funding alternative energy sources and thinks, I guess, the only answer is drill, drill, drill.

To which Palin responds, in a very snarky way:

The chant is “drill, baby, drill.”

Score: Biden 3, Palin 3. Everyone answered the questions as asked this time.

Do you support, as they do in Alaska, granting same-sex benefits to couples?

Everyone says no, and no to the follow-up about supporting gay marriage. Palin explains that she doesn’t want to support anything that would lead to a change in the traditional definition of marriage, which brought on the follow up.

Score: Biden 4, Palin 4.

Up next: foreign policy.




Written by Coby Dillard

October 3, 2008 at 11:56 am

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  1. “Plug for energy independence, on the basis that we’re supporting environmental damage by importing energy sources from countries who don’t care about the environment. Not bad.”

    That’s quite a stretch, my friend. “Energy independence” is not at all the same thing as environmental sustainability. ONLY alternative energy will get us there. And so Obama-Biden’s switch to so-called “Clean Coal” is a disappointment. But not half as disappointing as “Drill baby drill.”

    D.I see what you’re saying…maybe “stretch” isn’t the best word (though I’m not smart enough to figure out what is). I could argue that by lessing our dependence on energy from countries who don’t really care what they do to the environment, we’re doing our part to stem further environmental damage. Course, those countries will just find a new customer, or drive their prices down, making their energy cheaper than ours (which, oddly enough, will have to cost more to pay for the new technologies that produce it). My “not bad” was more for Palin’s ability to draw the parallel; last week, I would’ve question whether she was observant enough to connect those lines.


    October 3, 2008 at 4:38 pm

  2. D,

    On points Biden and Palin are about even, and they do represent two distinctly opposing ideologies. But Palin was the big winner here. I saw this post by Victor Davis Hanson which perfectly wraps up the essence of Palin’s appeal:

    “Much of Palin’s appeal and much of why she apparently grates on others is her accent, colloquialisms, grammar, seeming simplicity, and mannerisms—which are a lot like the wily, sing-songy voiced hero of Fargo, Marge Gunderson. In her methodical, seemingly plodding way, the pregnant Marge systematically figures out the complex criminal labyrinth, and then in courageous fashion wades into the thicket unaware perhaps of the danger from the supposedly more clever involved, but confident that what has worked for her in the past and gotten her this far will see her through just fine as usual.

    Fair or not, Palin is the emblem of underestimated Middle Americans wading in over their heads, not changing with the times, and in the end finishing the job and outsmarting the rest. Six-term Senator, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Joe Biden, once fervent supporter of an Iraqi war (dating back to the Clinton years), once fervent opponent of the war, once fervent advocate of trisecting Iraq, once fervent critic of Obama on Iraq, once fervent surge won’t//will work, once fervent everything…, apparently didn’t see Fargo.”

    D. “Fargo?” Didn’t see that myself…LOL. Events will probably prevent me from completing this series, but Palin defintely took the prize Thursday night. In fairness, I have to recognize that Biden was handicapped (some of his facial expressions suggested that he’d punch Palin if she were a guy!). Even with that caveat, Palin clearly did more than hold her own. Hell, I’d like to see her take on Obama; let the two rookies go at it for 90 minutes.


    October 4, 2008 at 8:50 am

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