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A Letter to Barack Obama

Mr. Obama,

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece in my blog where I outlined the reasons why I couldn’t support your candidacy. In various forums, and through various organizations, I have remained critical of your policies and plans for our country.

At this point, however, a few things need to be said.

I cannot, in good conscience, speak in support of you. I continue to disagree-strongly-with your stances on Iraq and the War on Terror. I have a problem with your running mate suggesting that wealthy people paying more taxes is “patriotic-” or, better said, I have a problem with your tax plan entirely, although, by the numbers, I would probably benefit from it. I do not see how, with the ongoing financial crisis, you can continue to push for universal healthcare when it may well be unaffordable. Whether you like it or not, for at least the first two years of your administration, we will still be paying for some sort of operations in Iraq, even if it’s only to withdraw.

However, the recent campaigning of John McCain has led me to several concerns that have brought me to the point of considering voting for you.

The biggest problem that I’ve had with you-your lack of experience-was immediately negated with McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. While I believe that Palin is a true conservative-probably more so than McCain-I cannot say that I am completely comfortable with her as president should something befall McCain. Palin is an intelligent woman, but her intelligent moments have been marred by moments of blatant-for lack of a better word-stupidity.

And then there’s the matter of the two campaigns being run. I’m cynical about how much “hope” and “change” you will truly be able-or work to-bring about, given the extreme partisanship running through our nation. However, as a matter of strategy, your campaign-from organization to execution-has been brilliant, and is an example of the politics I would like to participate in. I cannot say the same for the McCain/Palin campaign. His campaign outlines everything I believe is currently wrong with the conservative movement in America and the Republican Party.

For a time, I was afraid of you. Afraid that you would come into the White House and reinvent America on an ultra-liberal platform. Afraid that you would be the exactor of America’s revenge against George W. Bush.

We still have our policy disagreements; that’s the best part of our democracy. But that fear is gone.

Previously, I said:

In a time when our country stands terribly divided, and faces danger on every side, we need a president who will offer stability, resilience, and strength. Our next leader should be able to take charge of this country on his first day in office. He should have the willingness to do whatever it takes to defend this country against all her enemies, and should be able to unite us under the principles that have guided this country since its inception.

And in my opinion, you are not that person.

You have proven me wrong.




Written by Coby Dillard

October 18, 2008 at 11:44 am

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  1. D. – the past few years has shown me that a populist is what I am. We cannot have a country running sufficiently if we expect the trickle down system to work (look at the failing economy for a prime example). While I can expect your reasons why you don’t want to support Obama, even though you WILL be voting for him :), I strongly disagree with you.

    I’m cynical about how much “hope” and “change” you will truly be able-or work to-bring about, given the extreme partisanship running through our nation.

    You trusted in Bush for how many years, why not give someone who is obviously more intelligent, level headed and Presidential lead us on a new path? I often tell myself that the state of the USofA cannot possibly be in worse conditions, but I know I am wrong. IMO, McCain will take this nation, put it in a hand basket, and we’d go down with him, leaving Palin to run the country. I will leave my skepticism and opinion about her out but there is nothing wrong with Hope. What is the worse that can happen? Another 4 years and an economy worse off than Bush left it? I highly doubt it’ll happen!


    October 19, 2008 at 11:40 am

  2. D,

    Sorry to see your support move to Obama.

    Initially, I was inclined to support Obama. After all, it would not be the first time that I had gone against my conservative nature, having voted Democratic before.

    I was ‘hoping’ that I could support Obama and be a part of his ‘transformational’ and ‘electrifying’ candidacy. In other words, vote for a Democrat, vote for a black man, IF he shared my center-right values and political philosophy. After all, that IS what he WAS selling.

    Obama needed to meet me half way and I looked to sites like JJP to seek ‘common ground’ with a party(Democrat) and a community (African American) with which I have had limited experience. I was open. Eager. Willing.

    I have had a list of issues that are important to me this election cycle and I have used them as a type of scorecard.

    – Low Taxes. Smaller government.

    – Energy Independence

    – Victory before withdrawl in Iraq. Understanding of and commitment to the broader ‘War on Terror’ which I perceive to be a war against Radical Isalm.

    – Support for Israel and our burgeoning democratic allies in Eastern Europe.

    – School choice.

    Aside from the issues, I am also looking closely at character. Does the candidate mean what he says? Can he be trusted? Is he capable of resisting external influence that leads to corruption?

    Now. How does Obama stack up.

    First, regarding character. Obama has made a couple of statements that absolutely fly in the face of my fundamental political philosophy.

    First, the ‘Bitter/Clinger’ comment. I don’t care how he wants to parse it, justify it, redefine it. My gut tells me that he MEANT EXACTLY what he said and his only regret is that the majority of voters do not agree with him about his theory on “Waht’s the Matter with Kansas.”

    Second, “Spread the wealth around.” The MSM has yet to ask Obama to explain or defend this concept that is an anathema to the “American Dream’ but instead have seeked to personally discredit and citizen of this country for no other reason than to question the philosophy espoused by Obama, Obama’s supporters have willingly jumped on the bandwagon and the Obama and Biden insist that Joe will benefit from higher taxes on the ‘rich’ making over 250k and that he cannot possibly ever expect to make $250 k or more a year. After all, “How many plumber do you know that make $250k a year?’ Give up the dream Joe, and be happy with where you are and what we will give you.

    Third, Obama has yet to go against his party on ANY issue. He could have gone a long way to earning my vote if he had embraced a “All of the Above’ approach to energy production.

    He had other opportunities as well. School choice. Public Financing. Townhall-style, open debates.

    No scrutiny into the Democratic connections in Congress to Fannie/Freddie and the current economic debacle.

    No scrutiny of ACORN and their ties to Fannie/Freddie or voter fraud. The unbelieveable line that Obama is ‘not that closely affiliated’ with ACORN.

    No transparency in his list of campaign donors, who despite tough economic times are able to contribute HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS to his campaign.

    I have been asked to overlook any and all questionable associations of Obama. I have been told that these associations have no bearing on what he ‘really’ believes. If that is true, than Obama is the most transparently opportunistic, ambitious pol I have seen in my lifetime. Which then leads me to ask, “Who else will he take into his political ‘bed’? Who else will he use quid pro quo to advance his ambition and agenda?”

    Obama has told me that I am being ‘scared’ into rejecting him because of his race. Because of his middle name. Because I am being ‘distracted’ by ‘guilt by association.’

    Now, in the final two weeks before the election, Biden tells us the polls will tighten because ‘culturally”, Americans are having a hard time accepting the idea of a black man as POTUS. I find this deeply insulting, as I have tried, in vain to give Obama EVERY benefit of the doubt, based on everything EXCEPT his race.

    Obama will not unite us.

    I have looked to be persuaded, reassured by Obama supporters, but instead I have be ignored, dismissed as a liar, an idiot and a paid Republican troll. Obama will not unite us. I was welcomed at JJP when I was anonymous and sidling up to the Koolaid Well, but when I wasn’t ready to take a sip I was turned on and I was the commentor who prompted the extreme reaction at JJP of banning anon posts. Rather than be silenced, I ‘came out’ and well, you know the rest…

    I know, I live in Chicago. I have seen the machine up close.

    The drapes are measured. Michellel Obama is ordering up lobster and caviar snack compliments of the campaign contributions of ‘the little’ guy, Nancy Pelosi and the MSM have called the election for Obama BEFORE a SINGLE VOTE has been counted.
    Colin Powell and D have endorsed Obama.

    Sorry. I. Just. Can’t. I can’t vote for Obama.

    D. And that’s fine. My voting for Obama, I think, is more an indictment of the McCain/Palin campaign’s and the GOP’s strategy and tactics than actual support of Obama. I’m not happy about it; as I said on JJP yesterday, I have no intention of championing Obama’s ideas anywhere, as I still disagree with him extensively (still working on how to rationalize this with my VFF stuff). I know the associations are important to you, but I think there’s several bigger issues that Obama could well be hammered on than who he pals around with. But the McCain camp has decided that’s their strategy, everything else be damned. My nose will be held, but Obama’s earned his shot.


    October 20, 2008 at 10:44 am

  3. “s” writes: Obama needed to meet me half way and I looked to sites like JJP to seek ‘common ground’ with a party(Democrat) and a community (African American) with which I have had limited experience. I was open. Eager. Willing.

    “s” is LYING.


    October 20, 2008 at 3:51 pm

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