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There Is One Problem…

So, this week I’ve been doing two things: becoming a pseudo-expert on parts of Virginia’s (somewhat confusing) absentee voter laws, and reading through some of Obama’s plans and speeches. A friend of mine reminded me that even if you’re going to vote against something, it might be nice to know what you’re getting in return.

Fair enough. So I read, in probably the most open-minded fashion that I’ve done during this election cycle.

Everything that stunk before-tax policy, immigration policy-still stunk as I read his plans. But, okay…those aren’t my most important issues. Disagree, but I’ll survive that element of an Obama administration.

Read his thoughts on veterans’ issues. Nothing bad there, and he has been a bit more specific than McCain. Alright.

Then I got to the issues that were important to me: Obama’s plans/thoughts for the War on Terror, foreign policy, and national security. And I was immediately reminded of all the reasons I had no intention of voting for Obama in the first place.

All of his policies related to the GWOT, national security, and foreign policy all are centered around one key element: Iraq. Namely, starting the motion to end the war on his first day in office. Now, I know that at some point, the war’s gotta end; fully recognize that. But stating outfront that you want to end the war (even though he now says he’ll listen to the guys on the ground as to how), and then tying that decision to every tenet on our policy…well, if someone’s thinking that just marching out of Iraq is gonna solve all America’s strategic and military ills, well, you’re wrong.

So, here’s my challenge to my few readers (ADD moment: you should see my stat chart for this blog):

The Obama policies that concern me are here, here, and here (see, I’ve even done the heavy work for you). Let’s discuss this. If you’re an Obama supporter and there’s something I’m missing, let me know. If you’re in the McCain camp and think my concerns are valid, let me know.

Help me rationalize this.

Only one rule: this isn’t a Wright/Ayers/Rezko discussion. If that’s all you’ve got, stay home.



Written by Coby Dillard

October 23, 2008 at 9:44 am

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  1. D,

    Your concerns are completely valid.

    Obama’s failure to recognize Iraq as the central front in the battle against Radical Islamic Extremism and the ‘Global War on Terror’ highlights a fundamental difference in Obama’s worldview vs. my own.

    Obama’s failure to recognize the counter-insurgency tactics of the surge strategy have successfully turned the tide in our favor in Iraq and to see how they can be successfully applied to Afghanistan is also a problem for me.

    Missile Defense systems are the future of deterrence/protection from aggression and necessary to the security of the US, Europe, Israel and all of our allies. Obama’s desire to cut defense spending and to not support missile defense is disturbing.

    I have yet to illicit any convincing rebuttal from Obama supporters. Hopefully you will have better luck.

    D. Nope, no luck at all.


    October 27, 2008 at 1:35 pm

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