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al Huh?

While I believe that al Qaeda represents the single greatest threat to the American way of life, you can add me to the list of people who thinks they’re somewhat confused. From MyWay News (via the AP):

(Ayman al-Zawahri) also dared President George W. Bush to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan and the region.

“I tell Bush: the dogs of Afghanistan have yet to eat their fill of the flesh of the Americans,” Zawahri said. “I challenge you, if you’re really a man, to send the entire American army to Pakistan and the tribal regions.”

Um, weren’t you just giving President Elect Obama the finger last week? Do you really think that Bush would order the entire army into the tribal regions, only to have Obama pull them back out? So you can then claim the US is a “paper tiger” again?

More importantly: even if Bush did order the entire American army in, they don’t come by themselves (which then means you basically have the entire American military to deal with)…do you really see that ending well for you?

Back to the caves, guys…




Written by Coby Dillard

November 28, 2008 at 3:02 pm

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