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Well, It Had to Happen Sometime…

I seriously thought that I would get through the post election season without being seriously pissed off at the good President-elect. So far, I’ve been a fan of his choices for his national security team, even to the point of defending them to my liberal friends.

Then came this, via the Washington Times through This Ain’t Hell:

Some top retired military leaders and some Democrats in Congress are backing William White, chief operating officer of the Intrepid Museum Foundation, to be the next secretary of the Navy – a move that would put the first openly gay person at the top of one of the services.

The secretary’s job is a civilian position, so it would not run afoul of the ban on gays serving in the military, but it would renew focus on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy as President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take office.

Mr. White’s bio from the Intrepid Foundation covers his history as a volunteer firefighter and a fundraiser.

My problem: Unless the Navy is going to start holding bake sales to build up the Fleet (remember that bumper sticker about the Air Force?), Mr. White brings nothing of benefit to the table. Sorry.

I don’t really care that the man is gay. What he does with his life-though I don’t agree with it, or condone it, or feel the government should either-is his business.  However, shouldn’t the service secretaries be people who have some experience-either through service or a career working with-DOD and the service they wish to lead? Mr. White has managed, essentially, a carrier (museum!) in port. Not exactly the same as command at sea.

I can’t even favorably argue that Mr. White is capable of doing the job.

I’m not a fan of experimentation…especially when it serves no purpose except pandering to make a political point. That’s not the change we need.




Written by Coby Dillard

December 18, 2008 at 11:12 am

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