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Stop Racism in Motor Vehicles NOW!!: A Letter from Color of Change

Dear Coby,
2009 has gotten off to a strong start for us here at CoC. Building on the momentum from President Barack Obama’s inauguration (the first BLACK president, ever!), we’ve managed to:
-Attempt to tell the New York Post, Rupert Murdoch, and those RACISTS at Faux News how to do their jobs, and
-Create a mass email/phone campaign to convince the evil REPUBLICAN governor of South Carolina to use stimulus money from the first BLACK president to fix an ailing school (though we could’ve used our email list to raise money for it ourselves…forget that “we the people” thing!!).
Since it’s been a few weeks between scandals, we need your help in creating one.
We here at CoC were shocked(!) and outraged(!) to learn that the state of California is considering passing legislation prohibiting BLACK cars in the state. In case you forgot, the governor of California is also an evil REPUBLICAN (though he’s supported Obama at times, so go easy on him).
We believe this is another attempt at veiled racism. What constitutes a “BLACK” car? Rims? Hydraulics? Butterfly doors? DVD screens that are turned on when nobody is in the back seat?
The truth is, nothing constitutes a BLACK car. Our cars are just as good as anyone else’s. This legislation, if passed, could soon lead to other states passing laws against YOUR CARS.
Please take a moment to call the evil REPUBLICANS in California and tell them that the people of America won’t stand for their RACISM!
Color of Change
P.S. Don’t mention the fact that the legislature is actually just considering banning cars from being painted black because it will reduce emmissions. Can’t have the truth coming out, can we?
(and yes, this is my attempt at satire)

Written by Coby Dillard

March 26, 2009 at 1:34 pm

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