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Bloggers for McDonnell Call

Got the opportunity to participate in a Bob McDonnell blogger conference call (right after leading the same type of event for the VA Tea Party Coalition; sorry for stealing the idea, guys). For those not in Virginia, McDonnell is the Republican nominee for governor and formerly the Commomwealth’s Attorney General.
Here’s the question I asked him:
“How do you intend to market yourself and your message to Virginia’s African American communities, and are you willing to meet with lesser-known or established African American organizations across the Commonwealth?”
The example I gave of a “lesser-known or established” organization were the College Republican chapters at Norfolk State and Hampton Univ. Yeah, I didn’t know either.
Paraphrasing, McDonnell said he is looking forward to running a campaign of inclusion, where he can use “common sense” conservative principles to attract new voters and voters who don’t traditionally vote Republican.
Some of the things he listed as evidence of his support for the black community were:
-improving laws concerning minority contracting
-working to change/eliminate the disparity in criminal sentencing
-appointed the first African American judges in Virginia Beach
(fact check to follow this week)
McDonnell says he has talked to prominent black pastors and business leaders as well. He believes that his message on accountability in education will resonate with these leaders as well as the African American community.
McDonnell also said that he wants to try to get on every college campus in VA. To which I say…last I checked, there were six historically black colleges and universities across Virginia.
I challenge McDonnell to visit all of them by the end of August.
(Want to ask McDonnell a question from a black perspective? Shoot me an email or leave it in the comments)

Written by Coby Dillard

March 29, 2009 at 7:14 pm

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