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Why I Fight: My Rationale for Participating in the Tea Party Movement

Written last year, but still relevant this one-if not more so.

In fact, if you look closely at the people standing in the crowds at these “Tea Parties”, you will see a common denominator, uniquely American smugness that can only be achieved by angry white people with an incomplete command of two or three catchphrases, the kind who are always suspicious that their birthrights are being stolen right from under their noses.
Kris Broughton, “Tea Party” Protest Same People Still Bitter About Election

Mr. Broughton,

Since I don’t know you personally, I’ll introduce myself: Coby Dillard; Navy veteran, conservative activist, and Virginia coordinator for the Tax Day Tea Party Movement.

I’m one of the-depending on who you talk to-5 or so black conservatives/Republicans left here in the US. And I’m completely behind the Tea Party Movement. I’ll explain why:

My personal feeling is that this isn’t about anyone in our (or mine/your, as appropriate) generation. We’ll get to deal with the after-effects of bailouts, “stimulus” plans, TARP, and general overspending by the government, but those things won’t affect us as much as they affect our children. For me, that’s my one year old, and my daughter who will be born in about a month.

They’ll get the honor of beginning their lives $42,105 in the hole to fix a financial crisis created by both Republicans and Democrats.

That bears repeating. This financial crisis was created by both Republicans and Democrats.

So, at least for me, this transcends partisan politics. And my organizers in Virginia-while entitled to whatever feelings they have about the President-mostly feel the same way. We believe that the Tea Party movement is a good way for us to begin to hold both parties responsible for the culture of fiscal irresponsibility that’s run rampant in Washington over-at a minimum-the last few years.

There are some who will question why this movement is springing up now; where all our voices were under the Bush Administration. That’s a fair question to ask. For all of us, that answer will be different, but I can almost guarantee you that in most cases, it has very little to do with the skin color of the sitting President. While that won’t be the case everywhere-I’d be a fool to suggest otherwise-by and large, the members of the Tea Party movement take exception to policies being enacted, not to the people who enact them.

We are not a movement bent on violent revolution, as some have suggested. We exist for one purpose alone: the exercise of our rights under the First Amendment to call attention to the excessive spending going on in Washington, and to demand that it stop. In that, we are no different from groups such as ACORN, the ANSWER Coalition, SEIU, or other organizations who use their right to free speech to call attention to issues they feel important.

This isn’t a group of people who are bitter about the results of an election; I assure you that the time for those complaints has come and gone. I believe that our frustrations are better directed at the members of Congress, as they are the ones who must write, review, and approve the spending legislation. The President merely signs off on their work.

I would extend to you an invitation to actually attend a Tea Party close to you, and not rely on commentary to shape your opinion of this movement. And at the end of the day, if you still feel that we’re a bunch of “angry white people” who are upset that an election didn’t break in our favor, then at least you’ve come to that conclusion through your own observations, and not those of others. I can respect that.

And if you feel that there’s something-even a single issue-that you can support or that you agree with us on-then I’d encourage you to stand with us, if only temporarily.




Written by Coby Dillard

April 9, 2009 at 2:42 pm

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