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Strategically Stupid

So the Obama Administration has declassified and released the memos outlining the “enhanced interrogation techniques” used by the CIA during the early years of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Liberals, rejoice!!

Not so fast. Let me try to explain the can of worms you’ve opened up here.

First off, since you guys have paid absolutely no attention to anything al Qaeda’s said over the last few years, I should bring to your attention that one of their stated tactics is to use our own laws against us. So now, you’ve given the remaining detainees a checklist of what we can’t do to them. And, best believe they’ll be studying and memorizing it down to the letter. And any other interrogation technique they can make look like one of those you’ve now publicized, they’ll do it and immediately go running to the courts.

Secondly, by making this stuff public, you’ve-in a way-increased the potential for harm to be done to our own soldiers who get captured. Now, that risk existed long before these memos going public…but what if someone in a Pakistani cave decided to slam our of our soldier’s heads into a wall, just because we said we could do it to them? And what if they don’t read the instructions that well and the wall is solid instead of flexible? Oh, that’s right….you’ll blame Bush, while forgetting that he at least had the foresight to keep this kind of information out of the public eye.

Since y’all don’t know much about warfighting, let me let you in on an ancient secret: you never, NEVER reveal the tactic that you’re using against you enemy to them. Not only is that something taught to kids playing sports…it’s common sense.

But I sense your payback is coming…when the administration you propelled to the White House has to defend our interrogators against the UN and your truth commissions.

Don’t worry about saying thanks for doing what we had to to keep you safe…you’re welcome.





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  1. but.. but.. he speaks so well.. 🙂

    Dave C

    April 23, 2009 at 11:10 am

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