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On Sarah Palin

(with apologies to many of my friends, who are huge fans)

Ok, Gov. Palin’s resigning at the end of the month. What for, I’m not sure, but one can guess it’s to begin the race for 2012. Which means the GOP’s got a candidate for president a whole three years early (midterms be damned!!).

Two schools of thought here:

1. She’s a complete fool. Having given up her claim to fame-and the only governmental experience she really had-Palin now becomes the serial campaigner. Want to energize conservatives in your campaign? Call Sarah, and for a small donation to SarahPAC, she’s all yours (there’s a term for someone like that, but even I’m not willing to go that far). I’m not sure how long people are going to be able to take three years of Palin campaigning for everyone in the book. Nor am I sure how three years of Palin campaigning for everyone in the book is going to translate into any kind of qualification for her to run for the presidency. Bill Kristol (and others smarter than me) are right when they say she better take this time to read every policy book she can find.

2. She’s gonna run…and get slaughtered. This won’t sit well with my Republican friends, but barring a complete tanking of the economy (and the subsequent nomination of Mitt Romney) or a 9/11-type event, whoever we put up in ’12 against PBO is likely to lose. And badly. So, maybe in some sick, twisted way, maybe it’s better that Palin does run in ’12…if only to be the sacrificial lamb. Baaaaaa…..

No, I’m not the biggest Palin fan. Unless there’s a serious-and I mean 720 degree turn-I can’t see a scenario where I could support-much less vote for-her bid to be president (which will, most likely, come as a serious professional detriment to my political career. We’ll see). The moments of brilliance from the early days of McCain/Palin have, of late,  been too overshadowed by ign…well, lack of basic knowledge and ba…well, questionable judgement. Has she done anything unethical, illegal, or completely stupid? No…but at the same time, there’s been more than a few “not smart” moments.

We’ll see if this latest stunt move is another one.



Written by Coby Dillard

July 6, 2009 at 8:00 am

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  1. Have you read Peggy Noonan (WSJ) on this? She has a very sobering perspective and one that I found to be persuasive. When one looks at the challenges we will be facing in the coming years, with a country that might, maybe, be facing secession of some states, terrorist attacks, etc. Is Palin the ONE to hold us all together? Can she fight for our freedom and bring back an economy shattered by socialist meddling in DC?I’m not sure. I will keep an open mind.

    Dave Donis

    July 16, 2009 at 5:48 pm

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