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The Tea Party Speech I Would’ve Given

When I stood before you all last year, I was anticipating the arrival of my daughter. She was born on April 30, shortly after our gathering in Virginia Beach. I remarked then that she would be born no less than forty-two thousand dollars in debt to pay for the bailouts that began with a Republican president and the “stimulus” programs of a Democratic president.

My little girl will turn one soon, and my son will be three not long after. And the number that signifies their debt, before they have even began school, has done nothing but increase. They had no say in the bailouts or in the stimulus; it fell to me, as their father, to speak for them. And so began my stand with you and other patriots across our Commonwealth and our country.

As our fight went on, we stood against a government that not only threatened our financial freedoms, but the very rights that are granted to all by God. We were looked at as fringe and insulted, as individuals and as a movement. They called many of you “teabaggers” and racists, and suggested you only were upset because of an African American president. They leveled those same charges at me, and wondered what self-respecting black man would stand with such a group.

They hoped that, at the accusations of racism, we would give up our cause and run. They sought to deter us by questioning our character. They sought to deter me by questioning my character.

They failed. We are still here.

They failed because they didn’t recognize the true enemy of the tea party movement. We are not blind supporters of Republicans, nor are we indiscriminate detractors of Democrats. We recognize the fact that both Republicans and Democrats got us into the mess we’re in, and neither receives a free pass.

We are not driven to protest by race or creed. As the Bible states, our struggle is not against flesh and blood. The enemy of our cause is the belief that government knows better what to do with our lives and our money than we do. And, like the signers of the Declaration, we are prepared to give everything in defeat of that enemy.

There are some that will use our cause to further their own agenda, or will hijack it to display their own ignorance. I say to them that you are not welcome here. Our movement seeks to unify, not divide, and those whose sole purpose is to pit Americans against each other should seek life elsewhere. We need not resort to violence or slurs to carry our message. When that becomes our only viable tactic, our argument is lost, and will be rightly shunned.

Our fight continues. It continues through our local elections next month, and the midterm elections in November. The message we deliver to candidates seeking office this year is this: we will support those who understand and will pledge to uphold our principles of limited, constitutional government and fiscal responsibility. To those seeking reelection we say: your records and your votes have been reviewed, and if they are not in alignment with those things we hold as important, you will be removed.

But our fight doesn’t end on Election Day. We will stand in defense of our country’s founding principles for as long as we are needed. We will take our message everywhere-to the suburbs, the rural areas, and even the inner cities. We will speak out and speak up for those whose silent cry to Washington, in the privacy of their minds, is the same as ours.

And that cry is this: for too long, you have worked to reduce me to a mere vassal. You have trampled on my liberties, my finances, and my freedoms. You have threatened my children’s prosperity and future by mortgaging their backs to fund your agenda. You have tread on me, my family, my community, and my country for far too long.

And it’s time for it to end.


Written by Coby Dillard

April 15, 2010 at 9:30 am

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  1. I praise and thank my Lord Jesus Christ for men like you. May your tribe increase!

    Linda Gunn

    April 16, 2010 at 10:00 pm

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