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Happy Birthday, Allie!

My daughter, Alariya Noelle Dillard-Allie-was born a year ago today…and so, a look back at some of my tweets from the days before her birth (thanks to a program called Tweetake that shows ALL of your past tweets).

To set the scene a bit: the Mrs. was sent to the hospital on April 10, 2009, scaring the hell out of me (my tweet for that morning was “Mrs is in hospital; world just stopped spinning”). Later diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, she’d spend the rest of the pregnancy on bed rest. The first Tea Party, of course, took place a few days later (that day started with another trip to the hospital, almost keeping me out of the festivities!). Multiple more trips to the hospital (a tweet from April 22, “Leaving the house is always an evolution…there’s an array of chargers that must come to keep me connected”).

After expecting to get induced every time we went to the hospital, I had finally given up hope. On April 27 (Monday), I set up my second interview with McDonnell’s coalition director for that Thursday. The next morning, the Mrs. had another doctor’s visit. We pick up from there…

Tue Apr 28 09:18:08 +0000 2009 We’re getting induced…FINALLY!! But on Thursday, not today.
Tue Apr 28 10:37:27 +0000 2009 So, our girl will be born on the day Washington took the oath of office.Not bad.
Tue Apr 28 17:09:24 +0000 2009 Trying to convince @DJandAlliesmom that watching the 3rd LOTR is agood way to set the mood before labor. Not working.
Wed Apr 29 07:03:54 +0000 2009 Morning, tweeps…crib construction day, along with other preps thatprobably should’ve been done a while ago. 24 more hours….
Wed Apr 29 10:15:01 +0000 2009 Tomorrow, my daughter will be born at least $42K in the hole.Thanks, DC!!
Wed Apr 29 15:01:16 +0000 2009 We can’t eat after midnite tonight…prompting a 300 quote abouthearty eating.
Thu Apr 30 20:28:51 +0000 2009 Calling it a night…big day tomorrow. Night tweeps.
Thu Apr 30 05:19:54 +0000 2009 Morning tweeps…well, the day’s finally here!!
Thu Apr 30 11:47:40 +0000 2009 1145…and nothing yet.
Thu Apr 30 11:29:20 +0000 2009 Doc just broke water. Here we go…
Thu Apr 30 13:12:19 +0000 2009 Epidural. So much for my “pain is weakness leaving the body” speech.
Thu Apr 30 15:04:08 +0000 2009 Say hello to Alariya (Allie) Noelle Dillard, born at 2:50 pm,April 30, 2009!!
Thu Apr 30 15:28:36 +0000 2009 Allie’s small…. 18 1/2″ long, 4lb 13oz.
Fri May 01 08:37:06 +0000 2009 Morning tweeps…sleep deprivation is no fun. Tks for the well wishesyesterday; everyone is doing well.

Needless to say, that Thursday interview…didn’t happen that day.

Happy birthday, little girl.

HB2DF, Coby


Written by Coby Dillard

April 30, 2010 at 1:00 am

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