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In Defense of Conservatism

Now that I’m a full time student (didn’t know that, did you?) I have very little time to write about things that are going on. Being a full time political science student, though, gives me plenty of writing assignments. Here’s one, submitted for my Basics of American Politics class:

Modern conservatism “combines a belief in free markets, limited government and individual self-reliance in economic affairs with a belief in the value of tradition, law, and morality in social affairs (Dye, p. 43).” Modern liberalism “combines a belief in a strong government to provide economic security and protection for civil rights with a belief in freedom from government intervention in social conduct. (Dye, p. 44-45, with emphasis added).

Liberalism places its faith in the government to “correct the perceived ills of society. (Dye, p. 45)” The utopian liberal goal of eliminating all inequalities in society demands a large bureaucracy that robs the individual of his right to liberty-to freely decide the direction of his life-and places those decisions in the hands of the government. We as conservatives believe that the individual is the best-and ultimate-arbiter of his own success. Conservatives do not support the belief that government is a force to provide equality of result for the individual; we believe that our system of government exists to protect the inalienable rights granted by God to ensure equality of opportunity, not result.

As conservatives, we recognize the need for a nation under God to reflect His teachings in our laws and our social policies. We support those things-strong families, strong churches and strong communities held together under strong laws, both of God and of man-that will deter ourselves and our nation from the “nasty, brutish, and short” life that stems from the lack of governmental restraint on social conduct. Liberals support a government that does not restrict or regulate personal choices (regardless of their morality or lack of), preferring to see a focus more on income and material redistribution.

Our views as conservatives are the same views that many of our nation’s founders shared while building our nation, as evidenced by the founding documents they authored. The conservative belief that government exists to protect-and not provide-the natural rights of man is found in the Declaration of Independence-“to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men….” Our preference for individual governance as the best form of governance is codified in the Bill of Rights, which places many of the components of our natural rights off limits from government control and, in the 10th Amendment, places the ultimate power of governance in the hands of the people.

Modern liberal thought-specifically, its desire for government to provide those things that are either given by God or best obtained through individual work and sacrifice-runs counter to what the founders of our country envisioned. They wanted a country that recognized, supported, and protected the individual’s ability to determine what was best for him, as well as the individual drive to obtain those things with minimal governmental interference. Their vision lives on in the beliefs of modern conservatism.

HB2DF, Coby


Written by Coby Dillard

June 2, 2010 at 7:00 am

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