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For the 2nd District

The 2nd District congressional race has been one of the strangest I’ve seen in my (admittedly, few) years of political involvement. A race that had its first declared candidate in January 2009 (and some suggest earlier than that) and a brutal primary is now down to three people: incumbent Rep. Glenn Nye (D), and challengers Scott Rigell (R, president of Freedom Automotive) and Kenny Golden (I).

All three men have served their country honorably; Nye as a foreign service officer, Rigell as a Marine reservist, and Golden as a Navy captain. But that’s where the similarites-at least in my mind-end.

Nye has held himself up as “an independent voice” in Congress. To the unobserving, that may ring true. On an issue that’s important to me-the passing of the recent healthcare legislation-Nye did vote against. He has made attempts to paint himself as a fiscal conservative, with mixed success (voting against the president’s budget, but for the “stimulus”). It would’ve been interesting to see Nye make a case to the Hampton Roads Tea Party on why he should be reelected (little doubt on the outcome of that, but it would’ve shown real independence). The backlash among his own supporters for his “independence” will, most likely, keep him from a second term in DC.

Golden-a past chair of VB’s Republican Party-is a good friend, and a mentor of sorts to me, both as a veteran and in the political world. I know where he stands on the issues of the day, and we’re in agreement on a lot more than we’re not. He was maligned-at times, unfairly (the Bearing Drift picture of him with a clown wig in uniform after accepting the endorsement of the Modern Whig Party was a bit much for me)-for deciding to run as an independent. I commend him for doing what he feels is best for the district and the country by providing a second alternative to Nye. However, for better or worse (and I believe for worse), the name of the modern political game is money and organization…and by Golden’s own admission, he has neither.

I’ve had the chance to watch Scott Rigell grow as a candidate over the last year. He’s been a bit of an enigma (and the subject of some very nasty whisper campaigns, which I’m not even going to touch). I’ve read his platform as well, and found little that I disagree with. The biggest points in the case against Rigell are his participation in the “Cash for Clunkers” program, and a certain donation to a Democratic presidental candidate during the ’08 campaign season (and no, it wasn’t Hillary). The former I view as a business decision (though it’d probably help not to campaign against all government programs as “wasteful”), and the latter…well, some will find it unforgivable, and I can understand that view.

The 2nd District needs a representative who isn’t afraid to step on toes, and who will do what’s best for its residents. He must show a willingness to work with the other side whenever possible, but must be strong enough to stand on his own principles when compromise isn’t a viable option. And as a constituent, you should be able to know where he stands from beginning to end…and not have to wait until the day (or evening) before a major vote to find out.

The candidate I feel best meets those criteria is Scott Rigell.

I encourage my friends in the 2nd to review his website, and if you feel the same, to support him with your vote on November 2nd.

-Coby W. Dillard


Written by Coby Dillard

October 5, 2010 at 9:00 am

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