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For the Third District

The 3rd District is Virginia’s only majority-minority district. For Democrats, it’s been a stronghold of their party and a congressional seat they’ve held since the district’s creation. For Republicans, it’s become a toxic environment that, with few exceptions, they’ve mostly written off.

For me, it’s home.

When my family first moved to Virginia in 1990, we lived with my grandmother for a while in Richmond’s northside before moving to the southside, where I spent most of my life. Two years after we got here, Rep. Bobby Scott was first elected to the then-newly created congressional district. I vaguely remember him visiting my church during one of his campaigns, and-not knowing a thing about politics besides the party labels-being impressed with him. Everything that shaped my life-school, church, home, my first job-all took place within that district.  My grandmother is in the same house she was in when we were with her, and many of my friends from school are still there.

So my perspective on life there is a bit different from the average political operative or candidate; I didn’t just point to a spot on the map and say “this is where I want to run!” When I talk about the 3rd, I’m talking about the people and places that, in many ways, contributed to who I am today.

There are three conservative-leaning candidates that are challenging Rep. Bobby Scott in the 3rd District this fall; James Quigley (Libertarian) and Chuck Smith (Republican). The third is running under the Constitution Party banner, and I know next to nothing about him.

I know both Smith and Quigley relatively well (I’ve worked with Chuck before), and during the course of the campaign season, have followed both from a safe distance. I haven’t been able to find a Libertarian candidate that’s challenged Scott before now, and the Republican challengers to him have been sporadic (1992, 1994, 1996, and…2004). None have ever received more than 31% of the vote.

All things being equal, one of these two would have a legitimate shot at beating Rep. Scott. All things, however, are not equal.

Chuck Smith is a good man who served his country in the Marines and as a Navy JAG. He has his own law firm in Virginia Beach, where he…lives, or at least lived when he declared his candidacy for the 3rd (by law, congressional candidates aren’t required to live in the district they’re running in). As a Republican, the things I know  he believes in align us both.

James Quigley also served his country in the Air Force during Operation Enduring Freedom. He lives in Hampton, and now works as a defense contractor. As a Libertarian, our discussions have placed him to the right of me on certain issues, we’ve found a middle ground on some, and there’s some that we flat out disagree on.

I’ve told both candidates that their chances of winning are slim, and advised them both to make the best of the platform they have as candidates to get a strong message-and, more often than not, a defense-of conservatism out into a community that, from both ignorance and lack of effort from the Republican Party at the district and state leadership levels, does not understand it.

One candidate has done that-actually worked outside of his circle to speak to the people and try to win their votes. The other has, until very recently, remained in the circles with which he is comfortable to try to hold their votes.

In terms of communicating their message and plans for the district, one candidate speaks about the greatness of America, comments on many of the national issues of the day and his desire to take back Washington. The other also speaks about the greatness of America, but offers his insights on what’s going on in the district, educates on how problems became problems, and outlines what he will do to fix them.

I don’t aspire to be a “guardian” of the 3rd District, by any stretch of the imagination. That said, I do feel a sense of responsibility in letting those who I have ties to there know who I think best speaks to their issues and concerns…or, at worst, is making the best effort to try and do so.

From my observations of their campaigns, and my discussions with them, that person is James Quigley.

I encourage my friends and family in the district to visit his website to learn more about him…and if, after your own examination, you agree, to give him your vote on November 2.

-Coby W. Dillard


Written by Coby Dillard

October 5, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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  1. Coby,
    Thank you very much for the support! We can use all the help we can get. With you writing this, many people will see and will have a chance to make the right decision with knowing there are more candidates in the 3rd district! No matter who they vote for, they have a choice!

    James Quigley’s email :
    Phone: 757 746 9514

    He is also in the Airforce reserves. Thast why he is rarely out during the first weekends of the month. Again Thank you and if you would like a yard sign, a t-shirt, or bumper stickers. Please let me know when a good time to meet you! We also have Literature to pass out!

    November 2, 2010 Vote James Quigley Libertarian: The Freedom Candidate!

    Nicole Quigley

    October 5, 2010 at 1:42 pm

  2. I first met James Quigley at a meet and greet. Other candidates were there, with the exception of two. After listening to James share views that were strongly Constitutionally based I decided, as someone who had always voted Republican, to throw my support behind James. I believe that he holds ideals that are closest to what was originally intended when this nation was first founded.
    I was also present at a candidate forum with James, Chuck Smith, and John Kelly, the Independent candidate. In listening to the thoughts of all three, James was the only candidate who mentioned what some of our challenges are and then offered possible solutions. And when he was finished speaking to those issues he made promises such as “no more bail-outs, ” and “protecting Arizona’s borders” by bringing the troops home from Afghanistan and placing them there.
    I have also observed him as I have helped him with his campaigning and he does something I’ve not seen any other candidate do: he actually listens to people’s concerns. He cares about the people he wants to represent. That, along with the other reasons I have mentioned, is why I am supporting James Quigley.

    Linda Gunn

    October 5, 2010 at 8:19 pm

  3. This election is the best chance to date to remove Scott since he took office in 1993. Assuming a best case scenario, a single challenger might get 51% of the vote. The very presence of Quigley and Kelly on the ballot has essentially assured that Scott will remain in office. If their objective is not to win but to bolster recognition of their party, be forewarned that it will never be well-received when its perennial candidates do little more than give liberals an edge at the polls. Today, the country is better served by aligning with and fixing the issues within one of the two legitimate parties. Pick one and stop fragmenting the ballot, making it an easy win for the incumbent.


    October 13, 2010 at 9:44 am

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