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How Not to Recruit Black Republicans

I yield the floor to my friend Terrence Boulden in NOVA, the head of the Fairfax County Republican Committee’s African American Outreach Coalition:

This may seem like a small thing to resign over, but it’s a big deal. When Republican leaders do things like this, it makes it very hard for folks like myself and my friends through out Virginia to recruit other blacks into our party.  The perception of the Republican party as being the party of old, white racists is strong and that perception is only strengthened when stuff like this happens.

Our leaders, at every level, need to wake up and realize that everything they do has a consequence.  Everything they do has a serious ripple effect and it falls on the troops in the field – people like me – to clean up their mess.

We’re more than a list of churches to visit or events to attend.  The good party leaders realize this.  The bad ones think it’s funny to forward jokes about us being lazy and on welfare.

As it’s said, read the whole thing.

I will credit Dave Barthomolew on one thing: he did actively make an effort to reach out to Virginia Beach’s community. I saw that (he attended VB’s NAACP Freedom Fund dinner, and went out of his way to introduce himself to people), and gave him credit as one of the few people in RPV that actually seemed to realize that outreach needed to be taken seriously, and that we needed to do a better job of it. He did, from my own observation, try to do that better job.

Which, unfortunately, makes this incident that much more unforgivable.

Maybe if the RPV leadership hears it from more than one person, in more than one location, they’ll finally realize “hey, we may have a problem here….” Maybe they’ll see that doing outreach doesn’t require a whole lot of money, but that it does require a lot of common sense.

Case in point, where’s the African American coalition for RPV? There was once something called the Ethnic Coalitions Committee…where’d that go? These things don’t require money…all they need are a few people who can get the ball rolling. And all they’ll want in return is a committment to their efforts, and not to be punched in the stomach during the course of their work.

Maybe RPV will come to realize that, before you even go out to a church or a community event, the first part of doing outreach is making sure you’re not slapping the people you’re supposed to be reaching out to.

Because-and I speak for the people who I know are in the field-some of us are starting to wonder if all the headaches incidents like this give are really worth it.




Written by Coby Dillard

October 19, 2010 at 4:04 pm

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