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Praise for George Allen

Anyone who knows me and my work on political campaigns knows that I’m a big fan of doing outreach early. As early as conceivably possible. So when one of my friends sent me an email announcing that George Allen was heading over to Norfolk State University this week to talk to their political science association, I was excited.

Why? Because it’s not just the exact sort of thing Republicans should be doing, but the exact time they should be doing it.As I said in my interview this weekend-and as I’ve said before-we on the right aren’t that great in consistently selling our message. Yes, we’ll show up a the local (or largest) black church after Labor Day for a visit. If a festival happens to be going on around that same time, we’ll stop by. And if the NAACP or Urban League happens to be having an event then, well…that’s it; our outreach is done!

Yeah, except…people see right through that. They know why we’re there, and-worse-they pretty much assume that once the election is over, we won’t be back. And unfortunately for us, we’ve proved them right, time and again.

So what’s the solution to that insanity (because that’s what it is, and the results really don’t change)? It’s what George Allen is doing (and what Gov. McDonnell) did-build those relationships before the election. LONG before the election. Not only is that good for your candidacy (since we all need some sort of personal incentive), but…well, a friend of mine says it best:

…It’s not about their respective districts, it’s about our party as a whole. It’s about reaching out and spreading conservatism to those who have not been exposed to it before.

…because if you don’t define the message early, it gets defined for you. And by the time you show up, it’s too late to change it.

So, kudos to George Allen for doing what I believe to be the right thing, at the right time. Would that more follow his example.


Written by Coby Dillard

April 11, 2011 at 8:30 am

Posted in Editorials

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