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Refund the Taxpayers

I’ve been following the story of an(other) inept civic organization in Norfolk-the city’s Community Service Board (CSB)-and their mishandling of an employee who got 12 years of salary without showing up for work once. Nice work, if you can get it.

Well, today, the CSB struck back:

The former director, three former managers and the “no-show worker” who was paid during a still-unexplained 12-year suspension were sued by their former employer, the Community Services Board.

The lawsuit asks the defendants for a total of $319,784, the amount estimated to have been paid to Jill McGlone from the time she was suspended in 1998 until the current CSB director, Maureen Womack, learned of it last year and reported it.

Besides McGlone, the others named in the suit are former CSB Director George Pratt, former Director of Administration Brenda Wise, former Clinical Services Director Anthony Crisp and former Human Resources Officer Linda Berardi.

Great idea, at least in theory.

Except for one thing: I don’t think the CSB should get a dime of this money if it’s awarded. And since the city has repeatedly tried to wash its hands of the whole mess-City Council has no oversight of the CSB-they shouldn’t get it back either.

It should, in some way, go back to the taxpayers directly. We are, in fact, the ones who were defrauded.

I’m not saying cut checks; that would probably cost more than the recouped amount. But maybe a personal property tax credit, for people who are up to date on their tax payments? Kill off downtown’s parking meters for a period of time?

No organization that’s dysfunctional enough to let this happen deserves to be “rewarded” with $300,000-plus to do with as they please. And no city that’s dysfunctional enough to watch it happen deserves it, either.


Written by Coby Dillard

April 13, 2011 at 8:13 am

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