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What We Believe: A Rhetoric-free Description of The Beliefs of The GOP

These are the beliefs of the Republican Party that I’ve come to know; that I’ve worked with and supported over the last few years. We are not some organization inherently bent on destroying America-or for that matter, “taking it back” from anyone.

At the end of the day, we want what you and all Americans want: a nation that is strong and prosperous, whose citizens have the ability and opportunity to strive for the best life they can have.

The above appears as part of an op-ed that I wrote for the New Journal and Guide, one of the oldest and largest African American newspapers in Virginia.

I first met its publisher, Brenda Andrews, in 2009 as part of my work on the McDonnell campaign. In addition to suggesting to just about every candidate-especially those with a significant black population in their district-that they speak with the paper, I was interviewed by them last year as part of a story about the Tea Party movement locally.

Anyone who knows me well knows that engagement everywhere-newspapers, radio, events, churches, etc.-is the only way I feel the GOP is going to make any significant inroads into the black community. Too many African Americans know a misrepresentation of us as Republicans/conservatives, and we as Republicans/conservatives lack a true understanding of the issues I and the black community face every day.

Why? Because there’s no dialogue. Sure, we talk at each other, but very rarely do you see us talking to each other, much less listening to what the other is saying.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of one. I plan to write for them as often as I can, to present a more accurate representation of conservatism and my party to the community from which I’m a product of. Not “President Obama this; Democrats that…” pieces, because-let’s be honest-those are, too often, what leads to the “talking at” versus the “talking to.” And I hope people do engage me back; I hope they take the opportunity to tell me what they think, and allow me to, if nothing else, give them things to consider.

My thanks to Ms. Andrews, as well as the Guide‘s chief reporter, Leonard Colvin, for letting me have a small space to get this message out.


Written by Coby Dillard

September 2, 2011 at 8:00 am

Posted in Editorials

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