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Witness to the Executions

We can work to change the process, sure. The argument over the use of capital punishment will continue to rage for many years. In the Davis and Brewer cases, however, it is unfair to say that the system worked for one man and didn’t work for another.

It worked in both cases.

My latest writing (published under its subtitle), about the recent executions of Troy Davis and Lawrence Brewer appeared in this week’s New Journal and Guide. My piece was published along with one from the publisher and one of a friend of mine in Virginia Beach, who took views somewhat contrary to mine.

Which is great…it shows the diversity of thought across our communities.

Regarding the Davis case, no one ever asked me what I though with regard to his guilt or innocence. If they had, I would’ve told them…I don’t know. Being on the outside of the legal system, I only am able to form an opinion based on what’s publicly available.  With that, my overarching question was always “did the justice system do what it was supposed and intended to do?”

I believe it did. Others believe that, because he was executed, it didn’t. And again, that’s fine. It’s a debate that’s going to continue for many, many years.


Written by Coby Dillard

September 30, 2011 at 8:08 am

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