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In Closing

Can I say this is the first year where I actually have very little to complain about?

Seriously, 2011 was pretty much a great year. My self-proclaimed sabbatical from the political world largely worked (General Assembly races are so low key that it didn’t take much!). Things are great on the home front. Managed to get a job at my college this year…and then another one. Speaking of college, still plugging away.

And, of course, the small matter of my election as SGA president at my campus. Proving that a black Republican Tea Partier can get elected in Norfolk.

So what’s coming in 2012? Several interesting things.

First, at some point in the year, I will graduate with my Associates in Social Science from TCC (no, I’m really not in grad school!). I say “at some point” because there are some professional things at work brewing that will determine if that graduation will happen in the spring (as it’s supposed to) or over the summer. Either way, from that point, I’ll head over to Regent University for my bachelor’s in Government. Gonna be under a time crunch (I have a little over a year of my GI Bill remaining), so…

2) …there, again, may not be a lot of time for things political. I’m committed to helping my congressman (Scott Rigell) get reelected, and to helping my friend Marcus Calabrese get elected to City Council. I’ve voiced my support for George Allen in our Senate race here (to the chagrin of many friends and associates, and people who don’t even know me!). For the presidential race, my choices are (as of today, because there’s lawsuits all over the place), Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Two years ago, I had planned to be working on a presidential campaign. Obviously, that ain’t gonna happen. Paul’s not an option for me under any circumstances, and Romney…well, I’m not quite sold on him yet. Besides, see #1 above.

3. I do, however, plan to keep writing. This blog has severely fallen off over the last year, but I’ll be changing that. Also, I’ve been writing some opinion pieces for a local black-owned newspaper, the New Journal and Guide. The paper is online, but if you’re local to Hampton Roads, you should consider a subscription.

One last thing I want to address: my political future.

I’ve been asked about running for everything from the US Senate (no, seriously, someone did ask me that!) to Norfolk City Council. That last one almost happened; thankfully, Marcus decided to run…and frankly, his knowledge of local issues and community involvement exceeds mine (I’ve always been more interested in national-level stuff). Given my job at TCC (which I really enjoy) and that I won’t be done with my bachelor’s until 2014 at the latest, it’s very unlikely that a run for office is in the cards in the near future (read: the next three years or so). If it happens, it will happen on a timeline that isn’t mine.

I remain, however, very opinionated. I’m not giving up on involvement in politics now, though that time may also come in the near future. I’ve grown extremely frustrated with both the Republican Party in Virginia (which I’m convinced absolutely refuses to take my community seriously) and with the Tea Party here as well (which is sadly become less of a political force and more cannibalistic). I’m tired of fighting one, the other, or-on really good days-both, on the occasions where my beliefs don’t toe the respective lines. It seems very hard for people to understand that, at the end of the day, I’m still my own person…and while I support those people and organizations that I respect, it’s because they’ve done something to earn that respect that they receive it from me. Blind obedience isn’t a good look; at the end of the day, you’re still blind.

I think that if I’ve taken anything from this year on the sidelines, it’s that I don’t need the stresses of politics as much as I thought I once did or would. I now understand, more than ever, why good people stay out of this game. There’s a season for everything (as I wrote earlier this year); maybe this one’s approaching its end.

But…it’s not here yet. I’ve got at least a couple more years left in me (considering there’s a governor’s race coming up in 2013).

With that, 2011 ends…and a new year begins.

Bring on whatever’s next.


Written by Coby Dillard

December 31, 2011 at 8:18 am

Posted in Personal Stuff

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